Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sing Us a Song, You're the Piano Man

The "shower" (which was really more of a party than a shower, strictly speaking) was a rousing success, and the center of attention was the karaoke stage that Ned had built. He and Marta had borrowed their neighbors' karaoke machine, Ned got discs from someone at the radio station where he works and we had ourselves a first class karaoke bar in full swing.

Ned started things off with a song. He had a coatrack of hats and costume pieces on stage to get people in the mood.

Shower1.jpg (63645 bytes)

But people were still into eating and visiting and not much happened for awhile.

Shower2.jpg (58917 bytes)
(Young Jack is auditioning to be Brianna's prom date 16 yrs from now)

Eventually, after people had finished eating (leaving enough food leftover to feed an army), things started revving up again.

Shower3.jpg (60208 bytes)

But things were quickly interrupted for a special message from Walt and from Uncle Mike, Phil's father's brother (Phil's father died several years ago). Each told a story about Jeri or Phil (or, in Mike's case, Jeri and Phil) and Walt presented Jeri with a gift...

Shower4.jpg (61430 bytes)

Then Mike, remembering the days when he used to toss a ball for Phil to catch, tossed him a ball and chain.

Shower5.jpg (71198 bytes)

Eventually, since this was a movie-themed party, Jeri and Phil were presented with an award as "best couple."

Shower6.jpg (66197 bytes)

Jeri took the opportunity to get better acquainted with Uncle Mike.

Shower7.jpg (54189 bytes)

And then there was more karaoke. Lots more Karaoke.

Shower8.jpg (70566 bytes)

Including a group who sang "When I'm 64," some of whom looked suspiciously close to that actual age.

Shower9.jpg (60486 bytes)

Jeri even got Walt up there to sing "My Way" with her.

Shower10.jpg (60554 bytes)

We would have stayed later (and I might actually have gotten up myself...but probably not) but I was feeling the need to come home and take my pill so we left around 10 p.m. But it was a memorable party and the absolute perfect way to kick off Wedding Week!


Geo said...

You folks sure know how to celebrate!

Bev Sykes said...

Ned is a GREAT party-giver!