Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Reasons I’m stopping Thursday 13s
1. I’ve run out of things to count
2. The end of a year is a good time to end things.
3. I’ve enjoyed it, but it’s time to quit.
4. I have lots of not quite finished lists and can’t find things to finish them with
5. After 117 weeks, I can’t take the pressure any more.
6. I might do this again sometime, but not in the foreseeable future.
7. I’ve started repeating myself
8. I can’t keep track of what I’ve already written
9. It’s time for others to keep the idea going
10. There are things I’m tempted to list, but I don’t want to go public
11. ...and if I did another list, I might slip and do it anyway.
12. I think I’ve accomplished something here.
13. I can count on the fingers of one hand the comments I’ve had on these 117 entries.


Kwizgiver said...

All solid reasons for stopping. I do a Ten Things Tuesday and sometimes feel pressured (by myself) to come up with the list.

Mary Z said...

I think I've posted one Thursday 13, but have enjoyed reading yours.

(Do these comments push you onto the other hand?)