Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

My biggest loss this year was the loss of my friend Peggy, who stopped writing to me for reasons I will probably never from mutual friends assure me that there is nothing physically wrong with her...but they don't know why she has cut me off either. We have been friends for about 13 years and I wrote to her every day. She knows me better than anybody else in my life. These are the things that I miss about Peggy...

1. The cheery “'allo!” with that wonderful Australian accent, on the telephone
2. hearing stories of the roos she fosters
3. having someone who knows me so well I can tell her anything
4. telling her everything
5. seeing photos she has taken
6. being her go-between for orders from the US
7. John Denver
8. Sharing stories of the elephant orphan she sponsors in Africa
9. Getting help with my computer, from 9000 miles away.
10. My subscription to the magazine Digital Photography
11. recording Celine Dion concerts for her
12. Remembering the Blue Angels
13. “For Good,” from Wicked

1 comment:

Mary Z said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know that's what the cops always say on TV, but I've had this happen, and I do understand. At least I understand your feelings about it.