Friday, July 12, 2019

Last day

We will soon be on tbe road heading hone but what a great last day we had.

It started with brunch with friends at a restaurant on the beach. My crab cakes were SO much better than i had the other day.  At the end of brunch we were invited to bring the girls to view the infamous Star Wars bathroom and so I crossed something off my bucket list. The girls were suitably impressed.

Home briefly and then back to Tom's to get Lacie for her dance recital. Always such fun to see those little guys "dance."

In the audience was Josh Holloway (Sawyer in Lost) whose daughter had also been in Bri's pre-schhool. He is such an adoring father and positively glows when watching his kids perform.

We said our goodbyes after the show and then someone suggested dinner at the Nugget restaurant so we all went there. It's a sports bar with dead stuffed heads on the wall and a beautiful bear carcass down tbe center of tbe room. I silently apologized to all those beautiful animals who gave their lives so we could eat under their heads

 But dinner was fun and we finally did make our final goodbyes. Now to drive home and see what Ned hath wrought in our absence.


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Lacie Day #3

We have never had this much "alone time (without Brianna)" with Lacie  -- ever.

We picked her up from dance camp and went to Taco Bell (her favorite place) for lunch and then AN decided we would go to the natural history museum, which Lacie pouted was "boring (which seems to be her favorite word if there are 2 minutes without getting anything she considers fun...usually a game she invents.

I got the idea to challenge her to find 5 interesting things in the museum and then make up a quiz game to play in the car later. That seemed to work and we actually spent 4 hours there with live butterflies, fake dinosaurs, and an ecology exhibit which may have been the most fun of all

Taco dinner at Tom's with a chance to find out what Bri has been doing for the last 3 days.

Home so they could all get some sleep. Word from Ned is that they hit a snag (More termites) and best stay here another day so we will now drive home on Friday, which means we will be here for Lacie's dance recital tomorrow. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Lacie Day #2

Another day with Lacie. We picked her up at dance camp and went to lunch, then to see "Toy Story #4"  Fun movie.

Back at home Lacie had set up for a talent show. We were all supposed to participate but really sbe just wanted to dance for us for a very long time. Walt & Alice did the Maryland fight song (with pom poms), I sang a boring song  and then Lacie gave us extensive rules on what we could not due while she danced (which was pretty much anything NOT undivided attention). Fortunately her friend wanted to come and play so we managed to sneak out.

Quiet evening at home

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Lacie Day

With Bri at softball camp this was a day to spend with Lacie. We picked her up at her dance camp and went to lunch. Alice Nan wanted to go to a sit down restaurant and by the beach where we could watch boats; Lacie wanted to go to Taco Bell so we compromised on in-and-out, which has a sticker game Lacie likes.

We spent an hour or so playing games back at her house then returned here for an hour or so. At 5 Alice picked Lacie up to take her to karate. Walt and I met them there and when the class was over we went to dinner at the house of good friends.

I have given up trying go post FTW and will just do the boring overviews until I get home (I am writing an entry each day just WAITING until I can post them!)

Monday, July 8, 2019

Damn computer

  • I woke up this morning thrilled to discover my internet connection was working again. I was able to download all the photos for yesterday's entry but when I tried to upload it the connection quit again. 

Yesterday was a sports day--World Cup soccer then 3 little league games. Bri's team won the championship so it was a good day all around.

We have decided to stay until Thursday. Bri is going to soccer camp and won't be home till Wednesday so we are staying an extra day 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

More problems.

Got my review of the party all written and tho I am ,logged into the network it won't connect to any site so I'm dead in the water for today. It was a GREAT party tho. Details whenever I can publish them!

I posted all the photos to Facebook, tho. 

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Problems, problems

I Can't connect on my laptop but I am writing entries to post w1hen we get home. With luck maybe I can eventually connect t or post from Tom's house.  
 We just felt a 6,4 eartbquake 

Walt got me onto the internet.  I'm back....