Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Like millions of people around the world, I watched with growing pain, the fire at Notre Dame.

It seemed impossible such an historic building could be devoured by fire.  When the spire fell, I actually had a pang in my stomach.

I was fortunate to visit Notre Dame twice.  The first time, Walt and I had gone to England and then took the chunnel to Paris for the day with our friend Sian and her friend.  Notre Dame was the first place we went to, but it was closed for the lunch hour, so we found some place for lunch and then went to the Eiffel Tower and finally ended up back at Notre Dame.  

I did not take the most out of our visit.  Compared to the cathedrals of England it seemed so dark and I am sorry now that I didn't spend more time exploring.

I went back several years later when Char and I and our daughters went to France and Italy.  I have to say it was a horrible day.

Our tour guide, Ian, met us at the plane, after we had flown for umpty-ump hours,  Our schedule said we would have the first day to settle in and then would see Notre Dame the next day, but he took us to our hotel and said to meet him in the lobby in 15 minutes.

I think Jeri titled this picture "3 hours after arrival; jet lag; no lunch."  It was beastly hot and Ian stood us at the far end of the plaza in front of the church and gave us a lecture.  A long lecture about the history of the cathedral.

Then we approached and he gave us another long lecture about the figures carved around the doors.  It went on forEVer and we were all tired, bored, and just wanted to see the cathedral.

When he finally finished he said "OK...now go inside and be back out in 15 minutes.  Fifteen minutes????  To see Notre Dame???  That time included standing in the long line to get in.  I honestly remember very little about the interior.  I was concerned about getting out on time.  Ian then generously gave us another 15 minutes to see the flying buttresses outside.

About this photo, I wrote in my journal that I would have sold my firstborn for a bit of water, if she weren't being so nice to me.

We were also going to go back to Paris on our last cruise, but that was when Mike died and we ended up canceling our cruise.  So my history with Notre Dame is not stellar, but I've always loved the building and hoped that I would some day be able to give it the attention it deserved.

They hope to rebuild, but I probably won't see that.  I'm just glad that the entire building was not destroyed and that a lot of the treasures were able to be saved.

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