Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I'm Back

I am back on my big computer and the problem was exactly what I thought it was, but (a) couldn't articulate, and (b) didn't know how to fix it.  It was essentially operator stupidity.

See, I often move this keyboard to the back of the desk so I can work on something else on the front part of the desk.  In this case it was the heavy book I'm making for Swap Bot.  And as I suspected, I somehow hit some keys that locked the keyboard.

Once my guru connected to my computer and started looking around, he found it right away.  There is no way I could find it again, but within seconds, I was typing again.

NOTE TO SELF:  Don't ever do that again!!!!!

But I now know that I have an on screen keyboard that I can use if I ever do that again.  I needed to use that to give the guru permission to connect to my computer.

So...where were we when I was so rudely (and stupidly) interrupted?

Well, Ned and I had another good visit with my mother.  Sandy says she still has some "issues," but is doing well.

She was at the kitchen table when we arrived, talking with Jeanie, one of the other residents.  Jeanie loves to sing and sings "Show me the way to go home" all the time.  We sang it several times throughout the hour we were there.

Sandy always wants to give me a report on things.  He showed me a couple of videos he had taken of her, where she is happily engaged in something or other.  Then, since we were singing, he brought out a keyboard and hoped my other would play it (it kind of reminded me of a mother trying to get her kid to perform for the guests).

She didn't seem interested in the keyboard, but Ned started playing "Show me the way to go home" and got her playing too.

He started playing some other songs from the 40s and 50s and got both her and Jeanie singing.  Sandy gave him a flash drive and he is going to record some songs on it so they will have some familiar music to play.

She seems to have accepted that this is her house and at one point was irritated about all the "strangers" who were there.  When we told her they were guests that seemed to mollify her and she seemed to be OK with that notion.

When we left, she came to the door with us, with Sandy behind her, and waved to us, commenting that it was cold outside and she was happy to go back inside.  She has always waved at us from the door when we leave, for years.  It was kind of nice to see her doing something "normal" again.

So once again I am very happy with Eldervilla and I always leave there so grateful to the Psychiatrist for suggesting this place.

They have one empty bed right now and I'm so glad that we got the private room, because I don't think she would be as happy sharing a room.

Last night I cooked pork belly for dinner.  Tom had it at one of his 4th of July parties and I had it for the first time and loved it.  I had never seen it in the stores before but some time ago I found it...and then didn't know what to do with it so put it in the freezer.  Yesterday I found a recipe for the instant pot and tried it.  SO good!  I want to make it again with a fresher piece and see if that makes it even better.  You can't just look up a recipe on the internet any more.  You have to first wade through tons of stuff about the person who made the recipe, why they made it, and what the nutritional information is.  Though pork belly is mostly fat, apparently it is good fat and, according to this recipe, very good for you.  Nice to know!

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