Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Pumpkin Pie for Breakfast

One reason to have a full Christmas dinner on the 17th of the month is so that you'll have pumpkin pie for breakfast on the 18th.

There wasn't anything to clean up from the previous evening because Ned and Tom had done it all.  I hardly even had to cook in the morning since I had made a breakfast casserole the night before.

Ned stood himself at the orange juice squeezer and made full glasses of fresh orange juice for everyone.  He made a big dent in a fresh carton of oranges!

Everyone enjoyed breakfast, even Bouncer.

The girls were very respectful of Polly and Polly, other than hating Bouncer, was fairly good...for Polly...and by the end of the visit, she was tolerating gentle pets from Brianna, which I considered a great triumph.

When they finally got all packed up, everybody headed over to Atria to visit my mother and take her a box of candy from Walt's sister.  Reports are that things went well and Laurel sent a message that said "Brianna was so sweet with Gaga.  Kid has a heart of gold."

There is "reorganizing" to do around here, but I let it go and took a nap in the afternoon.  We "grazed" for dinner, each finding his/her own leftovers from last night.

And then in the evening, I put on my fluffy new therapeutic socks and settled in to watch Outlander.  

Our holiday is over and I have only good memories.  Now I can watch everyone else have their holiday!

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