Monday, April 2, 2018

The Walking Ladies

We delivered an Easter basket to my mother today.  She didn't know what it was for and when she tried to take some candy out of it, always asked me if it was OK because she didn't want to do anything wrong.  I finally told Walt to take it to her apartment so she could find it there when she went back.

She was sitting at the opposite end of the hall from where her apartment is.  From there she can see down the hall and makes comments about any activity that is going on.

Opposite the chair on which she sits is the door to an apartment of two women.  Beth is in A and Patricia is in B (their names are on the name plate outside).  There is a woman who walks the halls constantly.  I don't think I have ever been in Atria when she is not walking the halls.  She walks from one end to the other and when she gets down to the end where my mother was sitting, she always goes into the Beth/Patricia apartment, closes the door, then opens it again, seems surprised to find us sitting there, and then walks to the other end of the hall and then back again.  Wash, rinse, repeat countless times.

The other woman from that apartment was walking today too, but she knows what she is doing and counts how many turns of the hall she makes and tells me that she's trying to lose 30 lbs.

I don't know which is Beth and which is Patricia, but Walt finally figured out that the constantly walking woman is Beth because whenever she enters the apartment, she turns to the left, which is to Apartment A.

I was pleased to have that mystery solved until Patricia (if the dieting woman is indeed Patricia) locked the apartment and the other woman couldn't get in, so went into the next apartment and entered.  

Then, one of the aides passed her on one of her rotations and said "Hello, Miriam."  So I don't know who the heck she is and where the heck her apartment is!

My mother was in pain today.  She says she hurts everywhere and when I suggested we go to her apartment, where she could be more comfortable and Walt could have a chair instead of leaning against a cupboard, she said "Not today.  Maybe tomorrow," explaining that she hurt too much to go to her apartment.

So we sat there and watched the walking ladies and she talked about things that made no sense, but she didn't complain at least.

When Jeri was here, we had dinner at Ned's house and did some videotaping for the video he was making for Brianna's 10th birthday, his last birthday video for her (not sure what he will substitute next year!).  I was, of course, sworn to secrecy until he finished it and posted it for Brianna, which he has now done.  I talked with Jeri last night and said I'd been checking YouTube all day to see if he'd posted it yet, and she said that she had been doing the same thing and that he had just posted it an hour before

So I can now talk about the videotaping

He wanted Jeri there to play the saxophone in front of his green screen.  The video had a sort of Jamaican theme and so she played while wearing dread locks.

Then it was Walt's turn.  First it was getting him fit with the dread locks and when he was fitted, he had a great time dancing for Ned's camera.

Next it was my turn.  This is not in my comfort zone, but I did have fun and we laughed a lot.  First there was the problem of the hat.  The hat Walt wore would not fit my big head, so they tried another one, which Jeri smashed on my head with great difficulty (and some pain!) and it just sat there perched on top of my head.  This wouldn't work.

So they decided to use a scarf instead and that worked.  It also brought out the dancer in me.

Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter.  We ended with Ned lighting candles on a "10" cake

The end result was another magnum opus and I'm sure Brianna loved it.  We really had a good time being part of it all.

You can see it here:

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