Friday, December 30, 2016

Today at Logos

In the morning I had lunch with my mother.  I had to laugh at her half of cheese sandwich.

That is a HUGE lettuce leaf that was folded in about fourths and stuck on her sandwich under the cheese.  The wad of lettuce was easily half again as thick as the rest of the things in the sandwich, to say nothing of the big bulk of the actual fold.  I sometimes wonder what goes on in that kitchen.  I didn't stay long this time, because of having to work at Logos, but just packed up her dirty laundry and came home.

Today was L minus 4.  Only 4 more work days before my days at Logos end.  It's a bittersweet thing to contemplate on one hand, but on another nice to think of "having my Thursdays back."

Today wasn't as busy as last week, but still busy.  The first customer greeted me like a long-lost friend and commented that it had been a long time since we'd seen each other.  We had a nice chat about Atria and her friend with dementia.  When she left I still didn't have a clue who she was. She did buy a contemporary fiction and the woman with her, who must have been her mother (because they looked so much alike), bought 2 contemporary fictions.

The guy I call "Pete Seeger" was in checking out books in anthropology and music but didn't buy anything today.

A tall young man with a yellow shirt that had something about McGurkin and Colorado, but his jacket covered up the rest.  He left his backpack on the chair while he browsed and came back with a contemporary fiction called "Moo" and a math book about future something or other.

An African American woman with a man I assumed was dark skinned Indian, since he had those Indian-from-India features.  They looked in the children's room and were disappointed not to find a book of Grimms fairy tales or anything by Hans Christian Anderson, since their son loves fairy tales.  I have to keep reminding people that we are a used book store and our stock depends on what people donate.

Jeri and Phil dropped by, followed by their friend Sarah and we all had a nice chat.  Jeri bought a book by Ann Patchett, her current favorite author, and Sarah, who used to own her own catering business bought 3 books on food and a book by Mark Twain

The store was filling up and I hadn't seen this cute little dog come in.  He was with a woman and a tall man in a black cowboy hat.  The dog shrank back with his ears flat whenever the man talked to him.  I wondered if he were a battered dog.

A mom with 4 adult children came in.  All looked around and mom bought a novel called "Samurai." Then they all left.  Soon one of the daughters returned with a bargain book and when she went back outside, another daughter came into buy a bargain book by James Patterson..

A man bought a copy of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and a book of cartoons.

A man in a red plaid jacket bought two history books -- one on the Balkans and one on historical fashion of the Renaissance.

A physicist who has been in before bought 7 physics books and paid in cash, pulling money out of his very ragged wallet made from duct tape and patched many times.

I had called Harrison, the store manager when Susan and Peter are out of town, to ask if he could relieve me a bit early.  We had decided to do another family movie night, this time seeing La La Land at the theater just a block from Logos.  This movie had a bit more of a crowd than last night's Rogue One.   It also had a better plot, more hummable music, and nothing exploded, so I liked it better.  Strange new-fangled musical, but with the most incredible opening scene you are ever going to see!

The movie ended at 8;10 and the sushi place where we planned to eat dinner closed at 9, so we rushed over there and had some delicious sushi.

Then home to watch Jeopardy, after which everyone but me headed off to bed, which I am about to do myself.

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