Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Club is Bigger Now

We went today to the memorial service for the son of one of Walt's long-time co-workers.  He died earlier this month.  As we sat in the church, we looked across at another of his co-workers...we went to the memorial service for his son a couple of years ago.  The mother of the man we were memorializing today hugged me as if she couldn't let go and kept saying "Now we know what you have been going through" over and over.

It was an emotional service for me, if only because I kept thinking of this "club" that none of us want to belong to, but that we do belong anyway. And I couldn't help but thinking of David and Paul as well.  It wasn't that long ago that we were at another service in that same church and I wrote about Paul's comments regarding the expensive remodel they did 20 or so years ago.

I decided I don't want to write a journal entry today.  I want to copy the poem that came from the mortuary instead. Usually I don't react to stuff like this, but this one just hit me, for some reason.

When I'm Gone

When I come to the end of my journey
and I travel my last weary mile,
just forget, if you can,
that I ever frowned and remember only the smile.

Dave2.jpg (131809 bytes)
David Sykes, 1972 - 1996

Forget unkind words I have spoken
Remember some good I have done.
Forget that I ever had a heartache
and remember I've had loads of fun.

PaulWholeEarth.jpg (57219 bytes)
Paul Sykes, 1969-1999

Forget that I have stumbled and blundered
and sometimes fell by the way
Remember I have fought some hard battles
and won, ere the close of the day,

Nick.jpg (41464 bytes)
Nick, 1972-2013
but in summer, just gather some flowers
and remember the place where I lie
and come in the evening
when the sun paints the sky in the west
stand for a moment beside me
and remember only the best

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