Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Social Me

I had my Facebook participation analyzed today.  It was really kind of interesting.  It analyzed 7,372 status updates and came up with this data:

Where do you post from?
99% of your posts come from Facebook.com and 1% come from Twitter. The average person posts from Facebook.com 58% of the time.  You post most often in the afternoon.
Here are my most talked-about subjects:

subjects.jpg (12626 bytes)

(Interesting that movies ranks so high, since I haven't seen a movie this year and barely any for the last 3 years...I wonder if they are lumping theatrical productions in with moving pictures.  They must be.)

My posts are most often...

posts.jpg (13432 bytes)

Verbose?  Who me?

You post about 88 statuses per month.
The average person posts 12.8 statuses per month. You posted the most statuses in one day on May 21, 2009 with a total of 15 statuses.

status.jpg (16124 bytes)

This information doesn't surprise me.

personality.jpg (49036 bytes)

Fun stuff:
You have posted as many words as a book!
In fact, you have posted more words than "The Hobbit," which has a total of 95,022 words.
  • Bev uses more words per sentence than 85% of people.
  • Bev uses more abbreviations than 94% of people.
  • Bev uses fewer question marks than 86% of people.
  • Bev uses more quotation marks in her writing than 94% of people.
  • Bev uses less punctuation in her writing than 87% of people.
  • Bev uses more prepositions in her writing than 90% of people.
  • Bev is more insightful than 87% of people.
  • Bev speaks more in the past tense than 90% of people.
  • Bev uses longer words than 86% of people.
I have 1,018 friends and the people who comment most, in order, are:
  • Jessica Moms Brown (334 comments)
  • Ron Clough (330 comments)
  • Patricia Williams-King (220 comments)
  • Barbara Watkins Hyde (205 comments)
  • Joan Callaway (182 comments)
AgeGroups.jpg (10302 bytes)

I see there is no category for the over-60 group, and I suspect many of my friends are over 60.

Not sure if that was interesting to anybody but me, but I found it fun.  If you're on Facebook, you can have your own data analyzed at Zeeb.ly (sadly you do have to give up some permissions to do it.  I almost never do, but I was curious this time...)

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