Thursday, May 24, 2012


I've been contacted by a company called e-foods, to ask if I would like to sample and review their foods here on this blog, so I've agreed to be a guinea pig.  It sounds like an interesting deal.  Their web site explains that eFoods' mission is to empower every family to have food security in the case of storms, natural disasters, or even financial crises like shrinking income or the loss of a job.

They say:  Over the past 30 years the founders of eFoodsDirect have helped people become more secure and confident with their greatest dependency—food.

When a major emergency strikes, imagine your peace of mind having a convenient, just-add-water-and-simmer food supply on hand. And if a minor emergency pops up where you’re simply trying to feed the kids, you'll appreciate the best-tasting, most versatile food in the world.

As you learn more about who we are and what we stand for, you’ll find the eFoodsDirect Difference is all about putting people first.

So I'm intrigued and have agreed to let them send me some samples, which I will be trying and reporting to this blog after I've had a chance to try it.  I eat, and I write so I seem to be the perfect person to try their product.  Stay tuned!

Apparently you can try their foods too, by using the coupons embedded in their web site.

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