Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Thoughts about Valentine’s Day

1. I was never one of the kids who got lots of Valentine’s day in grammar school.
2. I was always embarrassed on Valentine’s day.
3. I always send funny Valentine’s cards
4. Expensive gifts are not needed to show love for someone
5. I think it’s silly that this has become a day when you are supposed to buy expensive gifts.
6. Walt and I pretty much ignore the holiday, except for exchanging cards
7. I would laugh if anybody bought me diamonds for Valentine’s day!
8. When the kids were little, it was fun making Valentine cookies for them
9. Nobody buys Valentine candy for an obese woman
10. I love that Walt still sends Whitman’s samplers to the kids, even though they are adults now
11. I’m always a little sad that he doesn’t give me one of those little samplers (he used to)
12. When I get a card instead of a little Whitman sampler, all I see on the card is “FAT” written large
13. I’m always glad when the holiday is over.

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