Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So Many Choices

I had a choice of several titles for this entry. "So You Think YOU have a bad job" was one. "Virgo Hoarders" was another. "God's Birthday gifts" was another. "My teacher is a bitch" was another. So let me just take the day in chronological order and use each one in turh.

My Teacher is a Bitch

Dogs are so funny. I just love 'em (in case you haven't noticed). Spencer has learned how to use the dog door, in and out. Polly has figured out that the space in the wall seems to magically produce her canine friends and that they disappear through it, but she hasn't yet tried to go through, basically because she's a wimp. Today, the other dogs went out the dog door and she sat there looking at it and whining. Then she came to me and put her paws on my knees. "Help me! Help me!" I picked her up, took her to the dog door, and then pushed her out the door.

When the other dogs came back in, Polly was left outside. Lizzie kept going in and out of the door, as if to show her how to do it. She'd go out the door, turn around and come right back in again. Then she'd go out, turn around and come back in again. Polly seemed to understand, but she's a wimp. Even in the past, when I've held the door open for her she won't come in. Today, after Lizzie came in while I held the door open, Polly hesitantly did the same. Technically she didn't do anything herself except step over the door opening that I had cleared for her--but that was a HUGE step forward. One can only hope...

God's Birthday Gifts

February 17 is my birthday and today (the 16th) my mother was going to take me to lunch. I just LOVE this month of the year. There has been enough rain that everything is a brilliant green, with blossoms starting to explode and yellow mustard as thick on the hillside as the poppies were on that hill leading to the Emerald City. All I could think was that God was giving me a very special birthday gift of my very favorite weather.

As I reached American Canyon, a side road I usually take because it's a much prettier ride, I hit the divide between the sunny valley and the foggy coast. . But it was so lovely, the cottony wisps of fog resting on the brilliant green field, that I had to stop and try to capture it in photo.

BDFog.jpg (44088 bytes)

You think YOUR job is bad?

As I have detailed many times in these pages, I have made many, many trips to my mother's house what with all the ComCast problems 'n' all. On every. single. trip. I have passed this guy standing on a corner. I pass him in the morning and he is still there at night.

BDLiberty.jpg (46334 bytes)

He's a rather distinctive looking man, even without the Statue of Liberty costume, so I know it's the same guy each time. Somehow flipping burgers sounds a lot more fun! I hope they pay him a lot to stand there day in, day out.

Virgo Hoarders

My mother, the Virgo, has watched a couple of episodes of The Hoarders and she is terrified she is going to die and leave such a horrible mess that people will be appalled. So she's decided that she's going to throw away at least something every day. 'Cause, God knows you certainly wouldn't want people to see your house looking like THIS!

BDDen.jpg (51715 bytes)

BDLR.jpg (60070 bytes)

BDBR.jpg (45674 bytes)

I'll tell ya, it's really embarrassing to have such a slob for a mother.

Mommy and Me

The reason for my trip today was so my mother could take me to lunch on my birthday. We went to The Spinnaker, in Sausalito. One of my favorite places because it's one of the few places where you can get fresh cracked Dungeness crab (and this is crab season!)

BDCrab.jpg (57895 bytes)

Unfortunately, I love crab so much that I had almost finished it before I remembered to take this picture. But when it arrived, you couldn't see the avocado and it was piled up in a mound about 4" high. Yum!

We sat and watched pelicans fly and sea lions swim and sailboats sail, all against the background of my favorite city in the world, San Francisco.

We even splurged and had dessert. Though I was sorely tempted by the creme brulee (because I'm always tempted by creme brulee), I decided to have cream puffs. My mother had the creme brulee and I think she made the better choice.

BDPuffs.jpg (47008 bytes)

BDCreme.jpg (42347 bytes)

One thing is sure, we both definitely had an elegant sufficiency!


Mary Z said...

Happy, happy Birthday! And I've had Dungeness crab only when we were in Washington State in 1990. But we do get Gulf blue crabs (my VERY favorite) almost every year when we go to the beach.

I'm sure our kids wish our house would look like your mom's when they have to clean it out. Trust me, it won't look like that.

Sunny said...

We have the same people at the tax places around here.
And they are out there even if it's freezing.
It's always amusing though to see the young black guy with a mustache dressed up as Lady Liberty.
Today he had his headset on and was dancing away.
They are usually pretty good natured.
I guess they'd have to be.
I've thought of applying for the job myself.
I hope the pay them something other than minimum wage but I somehow doubt it.

sunny from TMA

Anonymous said...

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