Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh, I'm in SUCH trouble!

I had lunch with my mother today. She suggested I drive down and said she'd take me to lunch but it was a rainy day and she called when I was halfway there and asked if I wanted to go out or eat at her place. I was very glad she suggested eating in because I really didn't want to go out, once I got there.

Eating in was a much better idea. Nice and warm and cozy (and dry). Time to chat without being interrupted.

After lunch, we tried to figure out what was wrong with her VCR, which had stopped letting her record things. After trying about a zillion things and reading the troubleshooting part of the manual, we changed the batteries and that solved the problem. Doh!

(Actually, my mother had changed the batteries herself, but I kinda think she must have mistakenly put the old batteries back in instead of the new batteries...or maybe the "new" batteries were just bad.)

I left my mother's early because I had a Big Mission to accomplish.

On Saturday, I had gone to a baby shower for an old friend (friend of our kids, and our occasional dog sitter). She will be having a little boy in a few weeks and she got some absolutely adorable (dare I say "soooo cuuuuute"?) things from the hostess of the party. I asked Lindsay where she had gotten them and she told me she had shopped at Gymboree.

I looked Gymboree up on line and found out that there was an outlet right where I have to drive to and from my mother's. So I was going to scout out Gymboree on my way home, since I'd be right there and all.

There is a baby shower scheduled for our granddaughter in February and I actually already have the gift, but it wouldn't hurt to just look, would it?

I had to drive around a lot before I found Gymboree. It turned out it was in the big outlet shop mall (even better). When I found it, I noticed with delight that there was a huge "SALE" sign on the window, and next door to it was a Carters baby store which had a sign that said "SUPER DUPER SALE!"

This was going to be fun.

I didn't go crazy at Gymboree, but I did have fun. I tried to only buy things which were on sale, but did succumb to a thing or two which was full outlet price. I had a nice bag when I left.

But then I thought it wouldn't hurt to go into Carters too. Oh dear... It was an incredible sale and the choice was astronomically larger than Gymboree had been. I could have spent $1,000 or more here (but I didn't). Still, it was another decent sized bag that I was carrying when I left Carters.

I didn't dare move to the next store, Osh Kosh, figuring I'd leave that for another day, maybe after the baby comes.

It's a whole new world, this being a grandmother. I can see already that the hardest part is going to be exercising restraint (because I know that this little girl has a whole army of relatives and friends who are going to be shopping for her!) But I hope I can be forgiven for one little "the hell with it" shopping spree!

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Geo said...

Go, go, Grandma! Buy 'em out!