Friday, July 12, 2019

Last day

We will soon be on tbe road heading hone but what a great last day we had.

It started with brunch with friends at a restaurant on the beach. My crab cakes were SO much better than i had the other day.  At the end of brunch we were invited to bring the girls to view the infamous Star Wars bathroom and so I crossed something off my bucket list. The girls were suitably impressed.

Home briefly and then back to Tom's to get Lacie for her dance recital. Always such fun to see those little guys "dance."

In the audience was Josh Holloway (Sawyer in Lost) whose daughter had also been in Bri's pre-schhool. He is such an adoring father and positively glows when watching his kids perform.

We said our goodbyes after the show and then someone suggested dinner at the Nugget restaurant so we all went there. It's a sports bar with dead stuffed heads on the wall and a beautiful bear carcass down tbe center of tbe room. I silently apologized to all those beautiful animals who gave their lives so we could eat under their heads

 But dinner was fun and we finally did make our final goodbyes. Now to drive home and see what Ned hath wrought in our absence.


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