Tuesday, November 14, 2017

When Pigs Fly

In getting ready to choose a postcard to send to a SwapBot partner, I looked over her profile and saw that she had a link to her Pinterest board.  I hadn't been on Pinterest in forever and it was fun looking through the things that interested her.  I particularly liked her board called "I like pigs."  Who knew there were so many pig-themed products!

Pinterest is a great time suck, perhaps one reason I don't visit more often, but when I do get lured in, like today, I get deeper and deeper. 

Now I have to admit that this entire entry was "sleep written."  It was very weird.  It seemed that as soon as my head hit the pillow, I began writing it in my head and I don't know how much of the time I was awake and how much of the time I was asleep, but it seemed like I was writing this the entire night.  I was amazed at how the entry wrote itself and how all I needed to do was come to the computer and type it up.

So I did.  I came to the computer at 5 a.m. and do you think I could remember ONE thing I sleep wrote?  No.  Past the pig products, I haven't a clue where I was going through the entry I was so proud of having written in my sleep.  There was something about the Pinterest boards of the Today Show hosts--but I don't have a clue why that was in there.  It just seemed logical and I knew all I had to do was look them up on Pinterest for...whatever reason...?  But of course if they are on Pinterest, they are not easily searchable.

So.  Pigs.  What can I say about pigs?  I don't have a lot of experience past a trip to the Alaska state fair where we watched a mother give birth in the middle of the night (one of Char's daughters was one of the people who worked in the animal barn, so she alerted us to the impending birth).  We actually got there just after the last piglet was born, but we stood around oohing and aahing over mama and her babies.

I also spent time standing in awe watching the Duroc pig, the largest pig I had ever seen.

Char told me later that the pig was a house pet and apparently some time after the fair, the owner's wife had given him a "the pig or me" ultimatum, so now the owner lived alone with his pig.

But I still don't know where my sleep-written entry was going with the story of the fair and as far as I can remember, I have no additional memory of interaction with pigs.  Except, of course, remembering the famous scene of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz...

I think I learned then how dangerous pigs really are.

So there you have it.  My sleep written entry in all its piggy glory.  Next time I'll try writing an entry when I'm awake.

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