Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This Day was for the Birds

What better way to waste a day?

A couple of days ago, I became aware of, where a mother eagle was sitting on two eggs and people from around the world have been watching the live camera, hoping to see the big hatching.

From time to time, I've watched for a bit and got very familiar with the back of mom's head and the wind ruffling her feathers.  But no sign of babies.

There was an active discussion board which lit up when the first egg cracked.  But I never saw it.  Two days reading comments from people speculating about the first baby and whether or not the second egg was going to hatch.

This morning I checked again and then posted something to Facebook about it being a useless activity.  I was tired of seeing the back of mama's head.  I decided to give up.

But later I checked back, and to my amazement, I actually saw a hint of a baby

I very excitedly posted an apology to on Facebook and was pleased to see this little guy's 

But the mom moved.  I mean moved OFF the nest and started tearing up pieces of -- I didn't want to think what -- and feeding it to baby.

I must have sat here for a hour taking screen shot and saving them so I could post 10 or so of them to Facebook.

I liked when mama stepped away, preparing to return to the nest, and I got a picture of baby all by him/herself.

Mama finally finished the feeding and settled back on the nest, so I stopped watching.  The thing that impressed me most was noting that mama's feet are about the size of the baby.  You don't want to be on the receiving end of those talons (did not get a pic of that).

Having spent the whole day with fowl, I am feeling guilty at planning to cook fried chicken for dinner tonight.

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