Monday, September 21, 2015

Where is the Bouncy House?

What if you invited 10-15 four year olds, their parents and their siblings to a party at which the bouncy house was one of the main attractions...and the bouncy house did not show up? That was the situation facing Tom and Laurel when it got to after 11 a.m., the invite time, little kids started arriving and there was no bouncy house...and not only that, but the company they hired was not answering their phone.

To keep the kids occupied at this Finding Nemo themed party, they fired up the movie on the outdoor TV and the kids started watching, but Amazon instant video was having problems and there would be 25 seconds of movie and 15 seconds of buffering. Over and over again. Things were not looking good for the party, though Lacie was too excited to notice.

Fortunately they had also hired a face painting lady and she showed up and everyone lined up to get their face painted.

Finally the bouncy house arrived and it was set up in no time.  I was amused to notice that they had velcro signs that they attached to the front when it was set up, with a Little Mermaid theme.  Presumably had this been a Superman theme, there would be a superhero velcro sign affixed!

It was an afternoon of mayhem and fun, the most fun watching all those painted faces get together, especially during a tense moment of the movie.

I loved Bri watching with her best friend from school.

Somewhere in there, a mountain of pizzas was delivered, including dairy free and gluten free choices.

I missed the cake cutting and candle blowing because I didn't know it was happening and by the time I realized it was, there were 40 billion people with cameras in front of me.  Presumably eventually one of those photos will be posted on Facebook.

A professional grade snow cone maker had come with the bouncy house, so after the kids finished cake, Tom was making snow cones for whoever wanted one...and it was a good thing, since it was so hot that the ice felt good, even after cone making was done and snowball fights started!

The kids had been asked not to bring gifts.  Some brought flowers or balloons. The only ones who brought gifts were the kids of long-time friends of Tom and Laurel, which Lacie opened after most of the kids left.  There was still a pile to get through. Laurel's mother had given her a Little Mermaid nightgown and when she opened it, she was very excited and said "I've been wanting this for years!" Then we had given her a Frozen nightgown and after she opened it she took both nightgowns into her room to put them away before she finished opening packages. The kid's not a Virgo, but darn near!

And then, because this is the computer age, there was a Facetime call to her other grandfather so he could watch her open the gifts he sent.

After she opened her gifts, she took the phone outside to show him the bouncy house.
So, despite a rocky start, the day was a big success and Lacie had a wonderful time.  So did everyone else. Her grandparents were worn out.

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