Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Bad things about my father

1. His temper
2. His silences
3. His drinking
4. His treatment of my mother
5. He tried to disown me when I disagreed with him.
6. His hero-worship of Karen, after a lifetime of arguing with her
7. His treatment of his own father
8. The terrible things he said to his mother the night before she died
9. That he never said “I love you” without adding “so I’m going to tell you this bad thing about you.”
10. The day he lost his temper with Ned and killed something in that toddler’s eyes
11. How he made his neighbors think I was such a terrible daughter
12. The lies
13. That he never listened. Not once. Ever.

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jon said...


Those things about your father would be very hard to forget.