Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Things I liked to eat as a child

1. Hockies (fried bread dough), which my mother made frequently. Slather with butter and see if you can eat more than your sister.
2. Milk toast – toasted buttered bread, with warm milk poured over it.
3. Powdered sugar donuts from our grammar school cafeteria, dunked in hot chocolate after Mass in the morning before school.
4. Pancakes for dinner (my mother would often fix that when my father was out of town).
6. My father made THE best potato salad. I’ve never tasted anything like it since he died.
7. My mother’s pot roast and potato pancakes
8. My mother would make a “chocolate cream roll” filled with whipped cream and topped with bittersweet chocolate frosting for special occasions
9. Campbell’s tomato soup with buttered balloon bread to dunk
10. My mother’s turkey stuffing. Sadly, she has forgotten how to make it.
11. Everybody loved my mothers enchiladas, which she learned how to make from a Mexican neighbor.
12. Homemade shoestring french fries
13. My father once made a GREAT calzone. I have never tasted anything that good since.

Food obviously paid a very big role in my life!!!


harrietv said...

When we're little, most of our favorite foods are what our parents cook. In my case, it had to be almost all of them, because we weren't allowed to eat anywhere but at home (we were kosher). But the pancakes? By the time I was ten, I was the one who made them...until I learned to adjust the batter and use the waffle iron. Can't do that any more.

Ice cream, of course, was what my dad sold. That will be with me forever!

Lindy MacDuff said...

What a great list. Seeing hockies at the top of your list reminds me that I thought I commented on your post about those last week, but I must have gotten interrupted. They remind me of a favorite food here - fried biscuits and apple butter. Yum!

One of my favorites was my grandmother's rhubarb pie. Of course, the crust was made with lard, but somehow her rhubarb pies managed to form crunchy sugar "plaques" on the interior portion of the bottom crust. I've only done it once and cannot for the life of me remember how I managed it.

Two other favorites - my dad's grilled chicken marinade, and his homemade ice cream, made in the old fashioned hand-crank ice cream churn.