Thursday, August 20, 2009

(Different) Brief Encounters

Cousins Days generally turn out to be either laugh sessions or encounter sessions or like this past one--a combination of both. There were more laughs than "encounters," but enough of an encounter session to set us all thinking.

But mostly there were the laughs.

We got there a little late because Peach and Kathy had an errand to run first, but soon after we'd settled in, I got a text message from Jeri saying "Hi, Cousins!" I responded...

CDWave.jpg (83577 bytes)

Jeri were on the road with Lester, headed for California. They hope to be here by the middle of next week.

JLPonroad.jpg (60360 bytes)

We finished our coffee and had lunch, and then started the marathon game of 65, as usual. Before we'd finished the first game, the caterer for my mother's upcoming birthday party showed up to take a tour of the facility where we are having the party.

My god, is the woman who runs the place an idiot. This is the woman who neglected to tell me I needed a security guard, who told me I needed a liquor license (I don't) and yesterday when we asked if there were more round tables available, she said no--just the ones that were out. When we got a key to where all the supplies were kept we found something like seven additional tables.

We had a better idea of what we are dealing with and I'm starting to get excited about the party. I gave her a deposit and she's going to send me a contract to sign.

After a couple of games of 65, Peach, who was in charge of drinks this time around, made Cosmos for us. In lieu of maraschino cherries, she rimmed the glasses with flavored sugar crystals. Yum!

CDCosmo.jpg (75174 bytes)

Amazing how much more open we get with our conversations after we've had a drink or two!

Char had recently sent me a recipe for the pesto lasagna we'd had in Portofino, which we all just loved. She had had some difficulties with it, so based on her experience I made some adjustments to the recipe and mine turned out great. I was glad to have had an experimenter to try it first!

CDDinner.jpg (93626 bytes)

We had another card game after dinner, then settled in for ice cream cones and soon we were all sleepy. In fact, I dozed off and when I woke up everybody was getting ready to bed and my mother had put out the blanket and pillow for me. It was an early night and I woke up at 4 a.m., with a cramp in my leg and having had a strange dream...but I'll tell that story tomorrow!


kathi said...


Pesto lasagna just sounds absolutely wonderful. Any chance you'll be sharing the recipe with your readers??

Indigo said...

you know what? I want a cousins day!