Sunday, September 21, 2008

There is no Joy in Sykesville

Literally. Our last foster baby, Joy, was adopted today. She'd been here about a week, I guess. Her foster family was going out of town and we agreed to take care of her for a couple of weeks.

She came here with the warning that she was a finicky eater. Well, I don't know what there was about this house, but feeding her was never a problem. In fact, by day #2, she was taking control of her dish and Lizzie's and running back and forth between the two, leaving Lizzie looking lost, until Joy had her fill. I don't remember how much she weighed when she got here, but it sure looked like she put some meat on her bones in the short time she was here.

She also never missed an opportunity to sit for a treat with Lizzie and Sheila before I went out somewhere.

And from the very beginning, her favorite place to be was in my lap.

JoyLap.jpg (32093 bytes)

Unlike Freddie, who was happy to curl up at my feet while I worked at the computer, Joy would settle for nothing but being IN my lap at all times. We had lots of discussions about this. But eventually, if she got obnoxious enough, I'd give up and go sit down so she could curl up in my lap.

I worried about her a couple of days ago. She woke up with that chihuahua shiver. She just wouldn't stop shivering. She didn't want to eat. I finally dug out a sweater than Ashley had sent home on Chunk months ago and put it on her.

JoySweater.jpg (50767 bytes)

I was thrilled when it seemed to really help. She wore the sweater most of the day and when I finally took it off of her in the afternoon, she shivering had stopped and she was hungry for dinner.

She slept on me every night. Found the spot curled up on my feet where all the other little dogs who sleep with me sleep. And when in the middle of the night, when I wake up and move to the recliner, she follows along and curls up at my side and sleeps until I wake up.

Yesterday, I went and picked up another chihuahua, Chico, who was returning from UCD after having been neutered, and was going to be staying with us for just overnight. Joy was initially not happy to have this interloper in her place, but once Chico had been here overnight, she seemed to accept him and the two played together nicely.

ChicoJoy.jpg (38045 bytes)

I tried to get pictures of the two together, but Joy is like quicksilver and so fast it's very difficult to get her still long enough to take a picture!

But today at Petco, Joy found herself a home. Ashley asked me if I wanted to take another dog home. I asked her who had spoken for Chico, and nobody had, so Chico came back home with us. I feel good about that because he's been so friendly and outgoing around here and when I dropped him off at Petco today, he looked terrified and didn't want anybody to touch him, so I'm glad that he's back here where he apparently feels at home....

ChicoKiss.jpg (45445 bytes) least until he, too, finds his forever home.