Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

Oh, it's so much fun to go gadget shopping when you are getting something for free!

When Walt was in London, we received word from Verizon that it was TIME. We qualified for new phones. They were offering a free Blackberry for the primary account holder and a lower quality phone for the second name on the account.

Neither of us want a Blackberry (I don't need to get all that junk e-mail on my cell phone!) so I had a nice chat with the Verizon rep at their 800 number and found out that we could get whatever phone we wanted.

Today was the day to go phone shopping.

First we stopped at the cemetery to take flowers, since we didn't get there last night after dinner. (We figured Dave wouldn't mind our being late)

DaveGrave.jpg (61301 bytes)

Then off to Verizon to check phone availability. Turns out I can get exactly what I wanted in a cell phone -- better phone quality, ability to take video, and mp3 capability (so I can make my own ring tones for those 2-3 people who actually call my cell phone. LOL). And it even comes in a pretty metalic red case. Unfortunately, they didn't have any in stock, but the phones have been ordered and will be in on Wednesday.

(Silly to be so excited. I almost never use my cell phone, but it's nice to have a toy to play with--and I DO use it for lots of text messaging with Jeri--kind of portable e-mail.)

But the point of this is that apparently I can only send video messages to people with video cell phones. This does include sites like Utterz (and possibly Flickr), but the only real person I know with video capability is Phil, so if your cell phone has the ability to receive and view video, let me know and maybe some day I'll send you a video.


We had a scare around here today. I received a message from Ashley that Scrappy had gotten out of his foster home, near where we live. Walt was out at the time, but as soon as he came home, we got in the car to go join the group looking for the puppy, but just as we were backing out of the driveway, I got a text message from Ashley saying he had walked back in the house again.

This reminds me of the first day Lizzie arrived, when she was unadopted by us and still called "Happy." She was here a very short time when she managed to get out the front door and was last seen trotting off up the street. Walt got on his bike, I got in the car and we went all over the neighborhood, knowing she wouldn't come to us because she didn't really know us at all.

When we got home, guess who was sitting in the driveway. We decided she had checked out the neighborhood, decided it fit her requirements, and just came home to wait for her new family to adopt her.

And Sheila has started acting very weird. We came home from the theatre the other night. When we come home, both dogs are always at the front door, tails wagging, and running to the kitchen go get our return-home treat. Lizzie was there, but Sheila wouldn't come out of the living room. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. We talked, begged, cajoled, but she seemed terrified to come out.

She has come out and for the last 3 days has just been very strange. The only thing I can figure is that while we were out she had a bad slip and fall on the floor and is now afraid to walk on the Pergo.

This Pergo is just hell on Sheila, though Lizzie and the puppies have very little problem with it. I can only assume it's because Sheila outweighs Sheila by about 10 lbs, and that extra weight makes her more prone to slipping and falling. She used to race around the house, but now she creeps up and down the hall, or walks very slowly. She eventually gets past feeling leery about it and is fine until she tries to run again, and then we have more days of her being cautious.

I don't dare tell her that the plan is to take up the rug in the living room and replace it with more Pergo. That will leave her only my tiny office where she feels comfortable, though I do hope to have some sort of area rug in the living room, but if anybody knows of teeny tennis shoes for dogs who tend to slip on slippery floors, let me know!

Finally, I entered a haiku contest to make people aware of the need to adopt puppies from Shelters. The winner gets a designer flash drive. If you'd like to read the entries you can find them here. And if you decide to vote for mine, I'd be ever so beholdin' to ya! (Voting ends Wednesday)

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Harriet V said...

Don't you love it when they have no "free phones" in stock? The last time I got a new phone, I went to the store to see what they were like because I had to be sure I could see the display (I had not yet had my eye surgery).

They didn't have any in stock. Of course. I should call next week and see if they were in. After much frustrated calling, including 15 minutes on hold, I was told they were not in stock.

I called the number on the announcement letter, where I talked to a very nice lady who mailed me my phone in two days.