Monday, December 12, 2022

Who is Tanesha?

 It's December and Tanesha is getting more mail than usual.  Mail from loan companies and offers of great sales she might be interested in.  She has also been named as a winner in some contests and has been welcomed to Medicare.

I don't have a clue who Tanesha is, but about 5 years ago, mail started coming to my email address ( addressed to Tanesha (no last name) and I've been getting her mail now for years. I don't have a clue how someone named "Tanesha" has my email address.

* * * * *

We decorated our little Christmas tree last night.  Our family tradition is to have egg nog and listen to Bing Crosby Christmas carols.  Marta bought pumpkin egg nog (which was delicious) but we were behind on the last episode of Survivor so instead of listening to Bing, we watched TV.

Our little tree has a bunch of ornaments in memory of loved ones.  There are the collars of three dogs, the ball that our dog Seymour always chased, a black leather jacket ornament for our son David and then a smiley face necklace for our son Paul.  Paul and I had a joke about smiley faces and we often gave each other things with smiley faces on them.  He gave me this crazy necklace, which I would have buried with him except I left it at home the day his ashes were buried.  But I was glad I did because now it's a memory of Paul on the Christmas tree each year.

After David died, I wanted a black leather jacket ornament since he loved his black leather jacket.  But I couldn't find one anywhere.  I even went  o San Francisco to see if some shop in the Castro district had one, but none did.  I complained about it on Facebook and a friend found one, with "bitch" written across the back.  I'm not all that happy with "bitch" but I'm glad we have a black leather jacket ornament.

We also have Wizard of Oz ornaments, Star Trek ornaments (including a Star Ship Enterprise with a recording of Spock wishing everyone a merry Christmas) and a set of 7 dwarf ornaments that my friend Kathleen made for me a couple of decades ago.  We've lost Dopey, but we keep the remaining 6 in a special box so we don't lose any more.  The tree wouldn't be right without the 7 dwarfs.

Now we just have to wrap all those presents and hope Bubba doesn't tear them open.

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Zenzalei said...

I wonder if Tanesha had to enter an email address along with her real street address to get some kind of free promotion, and she just made up an email that happened to be yours.