Wednesday, December 14, 2022

All Healthy

Well I went to the dentist on Monday and today I had lab tests taken and got my latest COVID shot.  I have no upcoming medical appointments until January.

I was worried about getting blood tests done, given the problem that they had in the hospital trying to find a vein before my surgery.  I brought the picture of what my arm looked like after what they told me was an hour trying to install a needle before my surgery (that may have been an exaggeration!)  they told me the doctor had to find a way to get the needle in.

When the nurse came for after-care when I got home from the hospital, she tried to take blood and was not able to do it.  I used to donate blood regularly but I remember that the last time I tried, a couple of years ago, they were unable to get into a vein.  I'm now classified as a "hard stick."

But, miraculously, the nurse taking my blood today only had to try once to find a vein and she was able to fill all those bottles. I will be interested to see what the results are.  I haven't had a blood test since I've been regularly monitoring my blood sugar, which has been normal for several weeks now and I'm going to be anxious to see what my A1C turns out to be this time.

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