Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sunday Stealing

Classical: If you were an Olympian god, what would you be known for?
I'd be the goddess of napping

Byzantine: Do you prefer gold or silver accessories?
I don't wear a lot of jewelry at all and I think most of it is (faux) gold, but if I have to offer a preference, I think silver

Medieval: Are you religious?
No.  Spiritual, I think, but I gave up on organized religion many years ago when a nun and priest in San Francisco, whose ministry was to the gay community, were forbidden to use the church for their services.  It was the straw that broke the Catholic camel's back for me.

Gothic: What is your favorite historic building?

This Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi Island in Russia, which we saw in 2010.  It was closed for repairs when we were there (may still be for all I know), but I loved the look -- it has the most onion domes in Russia (22).  It was completed in 1714 during the reign of Peter the Great and supposedly built by one man, using no nails (wooden nails were not "invented" until later), who is said to have tossed his axe into the lake when it was finished, saying that there was never a church like this and never would be again.  Whether the story is apocryphal or not, I think it's fairly safe to say the statement was true! 

Renaissance: Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt enlightened or changed?
Hmmm....I don't know.  Probably, but no "a-HA" moment comes to mind.

Baroque: Do you enjoy the finer things in life?
I probably would if I could afford them, but I am content with what we have.

Rococo: Is your bedroom full of trinkets and pictures? If so, which pictures adorn your walls?
There is a painting by my maternal grandmother and this poster:

Neoclassicism: If something came back into fashion, what do you hope it would be?
Well, most of the things that I liked that were once in fashion are things I am still wearing, they go out of fashion and then come back.

Romanticism: Do you often see things in a positive light?
Not since Trump took office.

Pre-Raphaelite: Which book would you like to see turned into a film?
You know...I've seen a lot of books turned into films and almost (not entirely) without exception, the film ruins a good book.  That said, I am still enjoying the TV series for Outlander even though it has taken a lot of liberties that are not in the book.

Impressionism: Do you look for details or take everything in at once?
I am terrible at catching details, though later I am surprised at what inconsequential things I did notice.

Art Nouveau: When were you last at the theatre?
Two weeks ago when I reviewed It's a Wonderful Life but I'm going to a matinee today, of a play called Miss Bennett: Christmas at Pemberly, which is an imagined sequel to Pride and Prejudice.

Surrealism: Why does the porcupine think it's a duck?

It's a secret between the two of them.  I don't pry.

Pop Art: Do you enjoy pop culture?
Not really.  I was a teenager in the 50s and didn't like Elvis Presley; I lived in SF in the 60s and never smoked pot.  I never have been a pop culture person.

Contemporary: What did you do today?
-Made strawberry pastries for breakfast.
-Visited my mother and took her to lunch at "the big restaurant" at Atria
-Stopped at Peet's with Jeri for frozen mochas
-Took a nap
- Decorated the Christmas tree

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