Saturday, December 1, 2018

Saturday Nine

Call Me (1966)

Unfamiliar with this week's song. Hear it here.
1) Chris Montez sings that you can always call him, regardless of the hour. Do you believe that it's ever too late to phone someone?
I've always felt that if someone calls after 10 p.m., it's with bad news.

2) He insists that you can depend on him, even when your friends desert you. Who is someone you can trust to have your back, no matter what?
Walt and the kids...and Char.

3) Billy Crystal serenades Meg Ryan -- via answering machine -- with "Call Me" in When Harry Met Sally. Answering machines have been replaced by voice mail. Who most recently left you a voice mail?
Kaiser pharmacy letting us know that they had mailed out prescriptions we had ordered.  They leave more voice mail messages than anybody else.

4) Chris Montez is a graduate of El Camino College in Torrance, California. The average daytime temperature in November in Torrance is 70ยบ. How is the weather where you are today?
59⁰.  Predicted low will be 44⁰

5) Today Chris actively promotes a healthy lifestyle to children. He was honored for his efforts by the group SOPA (Stop Obesity, Promote Activity). Do you believe you get enough exercise?
Bwahahaha.  The most exercise I get is walking from my office down the long hall to the bathroom.

6) Released in late 1965, "Call Me" became a big hit in 1966, reaching #2 on the charts. Even though it sold millions of copies and was certified as a Gold Record, it never hit #1. Is winning, or being the best, important to you?
I never think it's a big deal for me, unless I'm playing a game and then it suddenly becomes a very big deal.  (Comes from a lifetime of playing games with my very competitive mother!)

7) In 1966, when this was playing on juke boxes, kids were watching Batman and Star Trek. If you had your choice of watching an episode right now, which would you choose: Star Trek or Batman?
Star Trek, hands down!  (I don't know that I have ever watched Batman.

8) Also in 1966, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was born. Do you enjoy cooking?
Good grief.  Gordon Ramsay is the same age as my daughter!  Yes, I enjoy cooking, most of the time.  I do get  tired of it sometimes and enjoyed when we had Blue Apron and Home Chef because I didn't have to plan meals, but I needed a break and am now back to making "something with chicken in it again.

9) Random question -- You have the opportunity to perform in the circus! Would you rather be shot from a cannon, or put your head in the lion's mouth?
Neither, actually, but if you put a gun to my head and made me make a choice, I guess I'd go with the lion...but make sure that it is well fed beforehand (I understand they only kill when they are hungry)

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