Saturday, November 12, 2011


There was disgruntledness in the pen pal community that people could not mail stuff with a postmark of 11/11/11, because the date was a holiday, and post offices were closed. Because I can't send mail on 11/11/11, I decided to follow the example of Jenconsin, who frequently writes random lists, and just mention eleven things that come to mind on 11/11/11 (except her list for 11/11 has 14 things on it)

* Jeri and Phil commemorated the date by sending a video message that they had taken at 11:11 on 11/11/11. Of course it arrived around 8:11 here, there being a 3 hours time difference.

* Peach and I were in the car headed home from my mother's when it was 11:11 in California and stopped to take a photo to send to Jeri and Phil.

1111011109.jpg (71766 bytes)

* It would have been cool if I'd returned home and found 11 pieces of mail awaiting me, but alas there were only 7.

Mail1111.jpg (63980 bytes)

* One of THEM was a weird envelope (that white one in the middle there) addressed to me, with no return address, and containing 4 stapled typed pages with no salutation and no signature about supposed plagiarism by a photographer named Sally Mann. How I happened to get this letter, I have no idea!

* It would have been cool if Sally Mann was the photographer whose work I saw once on the Internet, who had blatantly plagiarized Ruth Bernhard's woman in a box series of photographs...

WomBox.jpg  (31147 bytes)

...but I don't think it's the same person, at least not based on a quick Google search I did for Sally Mann's works.

* What did we do before Google?

* My computer is acting very weird these days. I'm sure it has a bunch of viruses, though I do run virus checkers religiously. For one thing, it changed the link to one of my bookmarks. The link is to the page where I upload Funny the World pages for the current month. The bookmark says "Nov11" and the link is to the folder that holds all the November files. Suddenly the link said "Jul11" and the link was to the folder the holds all the July files! I have no idea why it did that.

* It also changed my search engine of choice (Google) to Bing. I never added a link to Bing. I don't like Bing. Apparently my computer does.

* And it was acting so weird that I had to go away and watch an hour program on TV this afternoon to give it time to decide what it wanted to do. It eventually did. I never figured out why it was being so weird.

* Have I mentioned lately that I have a huge love-hate relationship with computers?

* This is random item #11 and it is appropriate to 11/11/11 because I was thinking about what there is that is significant about the number 11 in my life at the moment...and that brought me to the Photo of the Day. A nice round number of 11 photos of my 11 sponsored kids.

Anjali (India), Fred (Philippines), Shallon (Uganda), Briana (Haiti)
Emmanuella (Ghana), Henrique (Brasil), Leniel (Dominican Republic), Murugi (Kenya)
Theresa (Ghana), Wainaina (Kenya), Esther (Indonesia)

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Harriet said...

Darn Bing -- I don't like it either. It seems to be a default for the newest version of Internet Explorer. You can change to ask, yahoo, or even Wikipedia, but not to Google.

I simply put the Google search page into my favorites. Bing, nevertheless, is apt to jump in if it thinks I don't know what I'm searching for.

11/11 is still Armistice Day to me; we naive people believed it was the war to end all wars. But it is more important to me as my son and daughter-in-law's wedding anniversary.