Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen songs on iPod shuffle

1. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
2. Pesky Angels (Righteous Mothers)
3. You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun (Betty Hutton)
4. The Syncopated Clock (Leroy Anderson)
5. Juanita’s Recitative (“The Musical of Musicals”)
6. Homes Stretch (Leonard Slatkin, LA Symphony)
7. Coventry Carol
8. Stouthearted Men (SF Gay Men’s Chorus)
9. One More Time (“A Mighty Wind”)
10. Please, Daddy, Don’t get Drunk this Christmas (John Denver)
11. The Music Box (Trans Siberian Orchestra)
12. I enter this battle gravely (Steve Schalchlin)
13. One of these Days (Joshua Radin)

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