Saturday, October 8, 2011

All's Right with the World

pergodogs.jpg (49711 bytes)

All is right in Sheila and Lizzie's world again.

The installers arrived at 8:30 and set up a workshop in our carport.

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They started working in the living room.

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The dogs, locked on the patio, were not happy.

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Work was coming along nicely, with the pad down and the flooring starting to go in, by the time that I had to leave to meet Peach in Sacramento for our weekly visit with Kathy.

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Peach and I sat with Kathy for about half an hour, but she had been given morphine, so she really was out of it, unable to focus her eyes or to get out any words we could understand. She was working hard at taking air in. When we left we each held her face and told her we loved her. It was the first time that she actually looked at us and said she loved us.

We went out to lunch to decompress and then headed in different directions. I stopped at the Davis post office to mail off a package to soldier Amanda and while there (around 2:30) got a text message from Walt saying that the guys had just finished the job. I came home to my beautiful new living room.

pergolside.jpg (48394 bytes)

It seems almost criminal to start moving the rest of the furniture and all the "junk" back in here again.

But for the moment, all is right with the world, and Sheila is finally content again! (Me too!!!) Best of all, it smells like freshly sawed wood...not dog urine!!!


phonelady said...

Yeah Im so happy for you . I hope you will consider the peach color I suggested . Im so glad the room is finally done .

Bev Sykes said...

The room is already painted. We went with a very light yellow--kind of the color of buttercup. It goes with so much yellow-hued or yellow hinted things in the room. We did consider peach. But when we put the paint chips up on the wall, side by side, the yellow was the clear winner.

Bev Sykes said...

I meant buttermilk.