Monday, October 17, 2011

The Big Table

Jeri came to town for the weekend. She had some frequent flyer miles available and decided that she doesn't spend enough time with her grandmother, so just flew in on Friday and will fly out Monday morning. She thought we could all get together for dinner on Sunday, including Walt's brother and his wife.

I agreed to make a lasagna, Jeri would make garlic bread, Olivia would bring a salad and my mother would provide dessert. Ned made his bread dip for hors d'oeuvre. He and Marta also brought The Bouncer.

BouncerSleeping.jpg (69938 bytes)

No way could I bring any of our dogs with us and have them be that well behaved!

In order to have dinner, my mother had to have help putting two leaves into her big, heavy, round table. How many people does it take to add leaves to a table? (apparently everybody and the dog, except the one taking pictures!)

Tbl16.jpg  (85231 bytes)

Tbl17.jpg  (79977 bytes)

Tbl18.jpg  (77473 bytes)

Tbl19.jpg  (81131 bytes)

Tbl20.jpg  (84493 bytes)

Tbl21.jpg  (81926 bytes)

But eventually it did get pulled apart, leaves inserted, table set, and we had a fun dinner.

Tbl22.jpg  (71133 bytes)

Tbl23.jpg  (66831 bytes)

And when dinner was over, the technogeeks sat around and compared various gadgets.

geeks.jpg  (62539 bytes)

Then it was time to say goodbye to Jeri again, as she prepares to fly back to Boston. It was a short visit, but sweet!


phonelady said...

I m sorry for the loss of Kathy and glad Jeri had a good trip . I got your halloween card today and letter and am sending reply out tommorow . take care and stay safe and glad you guys had a great dinner .

Mary Z said...

This is SO fabulous! You are really wicked to document it all. I love it.

My niece, Robin Hill, may be contacting you. I saw her this weekend, and told her about you, plus a link to your blog. She teaches art at UCDavis and lives in Woodland.