Saturday, October 22, 2011

It Takes So Little

I takes so little to make me happy. Today our new washing machine came!!!

washer.jpg  (30454 bytes)

The washer went out a day or so before the Pergo went in and what with all the things that were going on at the time, it was this week before we went out to actually buy the machine.

Walt was wonderful. He has been schlepping essential clothes to the laundromat since the machine broke, but there's nothing quite like being able to toss things into the washer when they really need to be cleaned.

The last appliance we bought was our stove and I remember we had a brief conversation at the shop about whether or not to spend the extra money to get the one which came with a griddle in the middle. We reasoned that, given our age and how often we replace appliances, this was probably the last stove we would ever purchase and so what the heck. That turned out to be a wonderful decision and I use the griddle several times a week and absolutely love it.

So when we were looking at the available washers we had the same conversation. Did we want the regular agitator wash, or did we want to spend the extra money for the new agitator-less, water saving, energy efficient, quieter models? Again the "this is the last one we will probably buy" argument won out and we went with the newfangled model.

WasherInside.jpg (40254 bytes)

So now, at age 68, I have to learn a new way to wash clothes and I have to learn not to panic if (a) the machine doesn't make enough noise and (b) it appears to have very little water in it.

Walt went and got the new detergent we're supposed to use and did the first load of wash. They say it is quieter than the washer we're used to, but that's not quite true. What is true is that it makes a very different sound...and Polly isn't sure she likes it! (But we can wash all of our clothes again.


Harriet said...

May you use it in good health!

I know the feeling; I bought a similar machine to replace the washer that was flooded. I would say, however, that mine is smaller. (I don't have dogs.)

Mary Z said...

I love using that rationalization. We put the new roof on 5 years ago - might as well - if we were moving tomorrow, we'd have to replace the roof. Should I redo the kitchen? Might as well - it'd have to be updated before we could put the house on the market.

I don't know of anything else, though. 8^)

phonelady said...

I love front loaders myself and yes it is an he washer and you have to have the he detergent . I love mine no noise like Im used to.