Thursday, January 17, 2019


The plan for today was for Walt's brother to come and visit.  Ned got things all organized around here and then took the day off, to go home and remind his dog who he is and do other things.

But then Norm couldn't come because in all the wild storms we had yesterday, his roof got a big hole in it and he had to wait for the roofer to come.

So we were back to square one around here.  Walt spent the day upstairs, I spent the day downstairs.  I know he spent some time reading his new book.  I spent most of the afternoon copying FTW entries over to Airy Persiflage.  I hadn't done anything since mid-November, so that was a lot of copying to do.

I kid myself that lots of people have been wondering where my entries are, but probably nobody noticed.  But I do keep the two journals figuring that at some point, Yahoo, which hosts Funny the World, is going to stop piddling little web sites like mine, and I want to be sure that I have copies of all these entries somewhere other than on a hard drive.

I have been working to the background of MSNBC and my god....all the new horrible news about this administration -- Trump ordered Cohen to pay someone to rig the polls in the lead up to the election.  No wonder he spent so much time insisting that the polls are rigged...He rigged them!

Turns out we separated thousands more children than we knew and at one point were planning to deport the kids, with or without parents, back to their home countries.  Can't you imagien a 4 year old landing in Honduras?

Then then Giuliani?  My god, who in the world would hire this man as their attorney.  Now Rudy "there is no collusion" Giuliani insists he never said there was no collusion, hundreds of tapes to the contrary, and that he only said that Trump was not involved and even if he was, he couldn't be arrested for collusion...which leads everyone to think this was a back door confession that the president DID collude with the Russians (which we all suspected anyway). 

I mean, with Giuliani and Cohen in the news, I don't know why anybody watches soap operas.  The news is much more entertaining these days, if it weren't so depressing.

("It's too stinky and dirty to care about," Rachel Maddow says, reporting all of this against her better judgement)

And to end this short entry, I don't know if you have seen the new ad cropping up for Peyronie's disease.  It starts showing a man holding a banana then you see the screen fill with bananas, cucumers, long peppers, etc.  Any vegetable that is long and somewhat misshapen fading to more information than you wanted to know about Peyronie's disease.  I never realized you could say "erection" so many times in a commercial!

That's it.  A nothing day.  And I forgot to write this until late at night!

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