Monday, January 14, 2019

Day of Rest

Walt had a 9 a.m. appointment for an ultrasound (yes, on Sunday) in Sacramento.  Ned was going to meet him and Alice at Kaiser.  I decided having three people accompany him for what would be a 5 minute (at most) procedure, so I stayed home...which was good because I was just waking up when Alice and Walt left at 8.

Naturally, things did not go as planned.  Though the test was ordered in the computer, nobody told him he needed permission from ... someone ... and they were going to make an appointment for a different day.  But by the time they were ready to re-schedule the appointment they managed to find someone to give official permission.

But it all took so long they decided to have a late breakfast at IHOP and apparently had a great time sitting and chatting.  It was around  2 before Alice returned.  Ned stayed in Sacramento, this morning in time for his appointment with his internist.

Alice was here to watch football, then a Huell Howser special on Half Dome and was here for Outlander, my favorite night of the week.  However, after 5 minutes of watching the show she said she was eager to watch, she decided it was too complicated and she didn't like Jamie and so she went into the living room with Walt.  (They probably made fun of my favorite program.)

Alice returned to Santa Barbara and Ned returned to Davis.  Tomorrow Walt has two urology appointments and an appointment to have a heart monitor installed.

The good news is that his fog is lifting, but he has forgotten much of what happened the past few weeks, so he is re-learning all of that.

Doctors have recommended he eat a Mediterranean diet, read books, learn a new word from the dictionary every day, and play puzzles.  He already ates about a 70% Mediterranean diet, so that won't be a big change.  But he's never been a big book person or a puzzle person.

He has read all of the Dick Francis books, which he enjoyed, but Francis is dead now.  However, his son has taken up the mantle and is writing books which are advertised as "Dick Francis books," but are only written in his style after his death.  I ordered one of those and that was delivered today. I hope Walt will get into it.

Alice Nan brought puzzles and Ned set up a card table and a puzzle.  

Walt was involved in something else and said he'd join us eventually, but by the time he came down stairs about an hour and a half later, we had finished the puzzle.  He probably wasn't really disappointed.  It was a pretty small puzzle.  But Ned took the puzzle apart and they started over again.

I have a Wizard of Oz puzzle the girls gave me for Christmas, which is 1,000 pieces and I might get that going and see if I can convince Ned and Walt to join me.

I've checked the internet for ideas about the Mediterranean diet, but.... remember those glory days when you could Google something like that and actually got it?  Now you go through 10 different screens that give you 10 more screens, advertisements, etc until you're so sick of it all you give up and buy a book!

Tomorrow the urologist will take Walt off the catheter again and see how his body responds.  He may also be off of his antibiotic and can have milk products again...we have an awful lot of cheese in the refrigerator!

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