Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Adrenalin Keeps You Going

22 March 2015
I was favorably impressed at how much Brianna's baseball playing abilities have improved in a year.  (Photo by her other grandma)

We went to her softball game today and she is one of the best hitters on the team and definitely one of the best runners (this may be, Laurel tells me, because when you misbehave in her classroom, you have to run laps on the school playground, so she's had lots of practice!)  In fact, after being "scouted," she was just picked to be a substitute on another team, so she may end up playing two games on some Saturdays.

But all the girls on her team have learned how to play their various positions, most can hit a pitched ball and they were all head and shoulders above their opposing team today.

Many have not played T-ball, so this is their first experience with baseball.  Bri, who was on the  all-boys T-ball team last year, has a leg up on all of the girls who are just learning the game.

I had to laugh at the other team, though.  Their girls wore pink batting helmets, used pink bats and many had pink shoes.  The smallest on their team makes diminutive Bri look big and she was so small that whenever she swung the bat, it pulled her around in a circle with it!  Such fun!

Tom was one of the coaches (3rd base),  This is a job he was destined to his child's sports team...and he was in his glory.

 After the game, we went to our respective homes and napped, then regrouped at Tom and Laurel's for a family birthday party for Bri, who turns 7 next week.  She had party games, like Limbo

...and demonstrations of feats of strength.

Everyone had to perform, and some of the "acts" were hilarious (especially Auntie Nan as a cheerleader).  Then it was time to make pizza and pasta.  Bri is getting to be an old hand at making pasta.

Even Grandma got to test her hand at making pasta.

As for Lacie, she is very particular about how pepperoni is arranged on her pizza.

Our dinner was not only beautiful, but delicious too.

After dinner there was music.  Brianna is learning to play the bass guitar and she and Jeri did some jammin' 
And, of course, since this was a birthday party, the evening ended with cake.

I don't know how those girls kept going through the busy day they had.  The adults were exhausted.  Bri finally hit the wall around 9 and we took our cue and came home to collapse ourselves.


Mary Z said...

How did the girls like your new "do"?

Bev Sykes said...

Well, they're not really sure about it, but Brianna rubbed my head right away. It took Lacie a day to do that and she was still a bit leery. They still ask why I did it, but I think Bri "gets it" now. Lacie is still working on it, but I think it's a good lesson for them.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an...interesting time.