Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cowgirls and Indians

As the box above should indicate, I'm still working on the index page and people's problems with it.  Today I heard from someone who can't get beyond February 15.  

This afternoon I spent a lot of time exploring everything on Yahoo's web site and finally found a telephone number that got me to a customer service representative.  From India. Sigh. I love India. I love the Indian people. I love Indian food. I love Bollywood. I sponsor two children in India.  But I hate dealing with customer service representatives from India.  I can't understand what they are saying and I can't explain myself in a way that they can understand me.

Bless reader Sean, who did research on the problem people are having getting to the updated index page, and who determined that it's not my fault, but rather Yahoo's.  Yahoo hosts my domain and I have not had a single complaint about them for 15 years.  In the comments for March 7, Sean explained what Yahoo needed to do to fix the problem, which was great because I directed my rep to that comment, figuring he would understand immediately.

But my Indian friend didn't understand.  He had me pulling up all sorts of web sites to prove it was not their fault.  He also said that if I noticed at the bottom of the index page there was a date of 3/1/15 and that proved it had last been updated on that date.

Well, heck that is a number I change on the first of every month just to show when I updated the design of the page.  It has nothing to do with any programming anywhere.  As I told Walt, I could just as easily have typed "hot dog" there, for all the effect it would have on programming content.

In the end, nothing got done except that I got a incident report number in case I decide to call back and the guy wanted to know what else he could do to help me.  Because he'd been so helpful up to this point, I guess. I decided that the only thing I could do to help is to create the explanation box above and just keep it as part of my page every day.

Here are some things for you to think about:

Here are questions about cop shows. How come every cop team that enters a house is accompanied by rifle-wielding, heavily armored guys with face masks but the stars never have more than a vest...not even a hat...or sleeves, even. Have any of those in the phalanx of heavily protected guys ever so much as cocked a gun, much less fired one? (They don't even get to shout "clear")

How come potential suspects hire attorneys to protect them from having to come in and see the medical examiner to give a sample for DNA analysis, yet other suspects are given a glass of water or a soft drink and they lift DNA off of that? Do they really need a Medical Examiner?

Finally, do all government agencies walk to a door. shout "NCIS...OPEN UP" and then break down the door?  Without, apparently, any search warrant?
I'm so confused.


Mary Z said...

The part that gets me is the CSI techies who presumably are nerdy geeks wander around with guns arresting people. Oh, well ...

Bev Sykes said...

I never got into CAI but that would bother me too.