Saturday, March 10, 2012

Would You Rather...?

Would you ever think about converting your religion? I have several times.  Haven't done it; just gave up on the one I had to begin with

Would you ever dump the person you're with for someone cuter? Beauty is skin deep.  "someone cuter" is a stupid reason to dump the person you're with.

Would you ever disown one of your relatives? No, but I might stop talking to that person.

Would you ever cheat on someone if they cheated on you? Again, that would be a stupid reason to cheat on someone

Would you ever consider becoming a teacher?  Never.  I've tried.  I'm a rotten teacher.

Would you ever give a hitch-hiker a ride somewhere?  Only if I knew the person.  As a general rule, no.

Would you ever try fasting for a whole week? I don't think I could last that long.

Would you ever try to quit one of your addictions?  Probably not.  My will power is very weak.

Would you ever dye your hair purple?  I did once.  Of course I was going for auburn and got purple.  I wouldn't do it again.

Would you ever try being with a member of the same sex?  Yes, if it was the right person.

Would you ever spend $100 for the best tasting hamburger in the world?  No.  Somehow hamburgers just never end up being as delicious as you think they are going to be.

Would you ever consider becoming a nun?  Been there, almost did that.

Would you rather chew gum off the ground or kill a squirrel? kill a squirrel.  But I'd cry about it.

Would you rather play Monopoly or Operation? Monopoly

Would you rather eat chocolate or fruity candies? chocolate

Would you rather listen to one CD forever or become deaf? listen to one CD, if I get to choose which one

Would you rather be deaf or blind? deaf

Would you rather have a turtle or a frog for a pet?  A turtle

Would you rather dye your hair green or blue?  Neither, thank you

Would you rather move schools or become home-schooled?  Since I'm nearly 70, I don't think this question applies to me!

Would you rather text or talk on the phone?  Depends on the person.  As a general rule, text.

Would you rather spend a day with Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus? Lady Gaga (can I bring my granddaughter, a Lady Gaga fan?)

Would you rather learn to play piano or guitar? piano, if I could magically do it without having to practice.

Would you rather have a stomach-ache or headache? headache

Would you rather be overly interesting or overly dull?  I'd rather be overly interesting

Would you rather be too loud or too quiet? I'm already too quiet.  I'd rather not change.

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