Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Stealing

1. Why is your favorite color your favorite?
I really don't know.  Red has always been my favorite color, the bluish-red, not the orangish-red.  I guess it is my favorite because I think it's a good color on me.

2. Do you prefer dogs or cats or do you just hate animals, and want to kill baby seals?

Since I own 3 dogs and have fostered more than 100, I think it's fairly obvious that dogs are my favorite, but I love all animals.  Especially elephants, but our back yard isn't big enough.

3. How much time do you spend on the computer?

More time than I spend off  the computer (and that includes sleeping!)

4. Not including porn, what do you do on the computer?

Reading and writing blog entries, checking Facebook, playing Lexulous and Word with Friends, playing solitaire, reading news articles, finding recipes, following ideas for letters and gifts for Compassion children, manipulating photos with PhotoShop, watching PhotoShop tutorials, writing letters with WordPerfect, writing reviews, making and posting videos, watching YouTube videos, wandering through Pinterest, and I'm sure other things (and I don't do porn)

5. Are you a clock watcher?

No.  I don't wear a watch and the only clock in my office is set to Australia time (though I do have that little clock on the computer)

6. What do you/did you look for in a partner?

A sense of humor, mutual interests, love of animals.

7. What type of clothing do you prefer?


8. What is your favorite type of music?

It depends.  Of course I listen to Steve Schalchlin, I love show music, I love John Denver, I love Celtic music, Brasilian music, African music.  I listen to Gilbert & Sullivan, some classical, some current music (but not much).  My tastes are pretty eclectic.

9. Do you believe in the paranormal, ghosts, ESP, levitation, spoon bending?

I really don't know.  I would like to believe, but there are lots of charlatans out there. I definitely don't believe in spoon bending, and probably not levitation, but I'm not so sure about the rest.

10. The most important question: Do you have a inie or outie belly button?

An innie

11. What kind of car do you drive?

An old Honda, in that champagne color that every other car on the road seems to be.

12. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or The Boys Are Back in Town?

Definitely Girls just wanna have fun.

13. Camping or the Ritz?

Oh the Ritz.  Please!

14. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW . . . did you eat it?

I'm not craving a food at the moment, but that freshly brewed coffee is calling to me.

15. The most thrilling place you've ever visited. Why?

Wow.  So many choices.  Our first trip to England was thrilling because I never dreamed I would visit a foreign country.  Nothing can ever top how thrilling it was to leave Heathrow, step on British soil, and hop a bus into London.  Other places that gave me that "omigod I can't believe I'm here" feeling were Red Square, Tiananmen Square, and Hillary's Marina in Australia.

16. If you could slip into the skin of one public figure--celebrity, artist,--who would it be?

I don't have any specific names, but I wouldn't mind living for a week as someone with enough money to fly first class, eat at the best restaurants, and stay at 5-star hotels anywhere in the world.  (But the pressure would be too great to continue it for a long period of time--I just want to visit that world!)

17. Look up from your computer. What do you see first?

The card from my cousin Kathy's memorial service.

18. Sum up your philosophy of life in one sentence. You can borrow it from someone else, if you'd like.

LOL.  "It was all juice and crackers."

19. Name the one thing you just don't understand about kids today.

I will never understand the appeal of pants worn below the butt crack and dragging on the ground.

20. If you could steal one work of art from a museum or gallery, which would it be?

Van Gogh has this breathtakingly beautiful picture of an almond tree that I'd like to sneak out of the museum under my coat.


Kwizgiver said...

I love your description of kids' pants!

Lindy said...

Juice and crackers makes perfect sense!