Thursday, October 25, 2018

One of THOSE Days

It was nice to wake up snuggled under the quilt, having had a decent night of sleep.  I had gone to sleep giggling about the night comedians who were showing many video clips of many politicians all promising to protect pre-existing conditions at all costs.  Every single one of them has fought to deny pre-existing conditions and Florida's governor Rick Scott even  joined a federal lawsuit in spring seeking to strike down that provision of the health care law.

But now they are all about protecting pre-existing conditions.  What hypocrites.  Let's see how they feel the day after the midterm elections.

As I was waking up, The Today Show was just starting and then I learned that someone is trying to blow up prominent democrats.  What a way to start the morning.  Trump has attacked all of those people verbally and whipped the crowds into a frenzy time and time again.  He applauded a guy who attacked a reporter, to the applause of the base.  Is this attack anybody's surprise?  Not only that, but his response to these threats (read off a telelprompter with no emotion whatsoever) was much more mild than it has been to Colin Kaepernick taking a knee....and he never even mentioned (that I have heard) that the CNN building had to be evacuated because of the threat.  I suppose he thinks its was justified since he considers CNN to be the enemy of the people.

He is reaping what he has sewn this past year and a half and I am sad to think that this is only the beginning.

From there, I finally got up and came in to my office to write Funny the World.
I was met with a blue screen of, if not death, at least terminal illness (pun intended).  I had left the machine to reboot overnight and apparently this screen had been showing all night.  I turned the computer off and on again and got a message saying it could not be rebooted and did I want to do a system restore, putting it back to a time when it worked.  I said yes.

It took 45 min to an hour before I finally got a log in screen.  I was assuming that I was going to have to take the machine in to be fixed, but it did boot up, finally.  But it booted up to a HUGE red warning from McAfee that I had a problem that needed to be fixed NOW.

McAfee drives me nuts because I do not have it installed on my system and it remionds me many times a day that I have problems.  Maybe I misinterpreted what my guru had told me about McAfee being terrible, so before I gave in to its badgering, I called the guru to check and he pointed out that he installed Avira on my machine and that no, i did not need McAfee. He also gave me complicated instructions for how to rid the system of Avira, which I did not understand.

But I closed McAfee another half dozen times and felt content that Avira was taking care of me and I could live with the irritation of McAfee.

So, back in business, I sat down to write Funny the World, include photos, and all the stuff I always do. 

Then I went to post it--even before noon!  And it would not post.  I did exactly what I have done for the past many years -- at least 15 -- and it told me the files had uploaded, but when I went to look at them, they were not there.

Next step would have to be contact Yahoo, which hosts my domain and ask what gives.  First, knowing that it's nigh on to impossible to contact customer service any more, I wanted to do a complete reboot of the computer ("kicking it") and see if that would work.  First, though, I had received a long email from a friend I had not heard from in years and wanted to answer that message first, just to make sure that I didn't lose it.

Before that, Ned took me to Kaiser for my regular blood test -- so hoping I'll be in the 700s when the results come in.

We got home and sat and chatted for an hour or so and after Ned left, I came in here to answer the email but decided to try uploading the FTW entry first .... and it uploaded!!  Be still my heart!
So I seem to be back in business again.

I checked for incoming email and got a bunch of theater related stuff.  My mail goes through a program called mail washer, where I can weed out junk mail and only bring the mail I WANT to my computer.  I washed out all the bad mail and then gave it the command to send the good mail to my computer, and it tells me that it can't connect to my server. 


Now I have to try to figure out how to fix THAT.  It was working a few hours ago.  It's always something.

But in the meantime I'll try to see if I can get this entry to post before trying anything else.

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