Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bits and Pieces

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT 1:  Despite what you may have heard from the president, if there is any rioting in California over sanctuary cities, none of the major newspapers or television stations in the state are aware of it.  And according to all the reporters marching north with the infamous caravan from Central America, there are no middle easterners in it (can you imagine someone in the middle east wanting to come to the US, flying to Guatemala and then marching >1500 miles to get here?  Surely there is an easier way!)

[BTW, did you know that this "terrorist caravan" is an annual thing--people marching en mass from Central America seeking asylum (which is legal by the way) in this country from intolerable situations in their home country.  Check the facts.  Trump says they are coming from South America and other parts south.  Huh?  I didn't realize there was unrest in Antarctica.  Idiot.]

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT 2:  My computer locked up this morning and it took me an hour to get things squared away again, so be aware that if I disappear because the computer has gone to the computer hospital, you should check Airy  Persiflage (since it is so much easier to write to on my iPad than this site).
OK.  Now where were we before the president put his foot in his mouth again?

The first World Series game has been played, and won by the Red Sox.  Jeri took this picture near Berklee, while watching all the people walkng to the stadium and the helicopters flying overhead (while talking to me on the phone).

I talked with her about what was going to happen between her and Brianna (a Dodgers fan) and she said that they had discussed that.  Jeri thought that the loser should wear a t-shirt of the winning  team, but Bri had a better suggestion.  The loser has to write something about the winning team.  

I love this idea and now I hope more than ever that the Red Sox win so I can see what Brianna will write about them!

Last night was the finale of the Great American Read.  When the "contest" was announced months ago, I predicted that "To Kill a Mockingbird" would win, so was not surprised that it did.

I wonder what Harper Lee would think of being the favorite among 100 other novels.

Naturally, I voted for Outlander and was thrilled when it was named one of the top 5, with Meredith Vierra interviewing Diana Gabaldon as the first book named.

The others in the top 5 were -- Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, and Lord of the Rings (in that order).
They managed to stretch the announcement for a whole hour, reading the 100 from bottom to top, 20 books at a time, with interviews about the next top 5 book in between each of the groups.

But it has been a lot of fun seeing the emphasis on books, watching the enthusiasm of readers--celebrities and normal people.  I think of the 100 on the list, I have read about half of  them, which is kind of neat to realize.

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