Monday, September 24, 2018

She's baack

You may remember that a year or so ago, Caroline from Guernsey, daughter of Jane, who stayed with us about 30 years ago, came to spend a couple of weeks here while attending a course at the university.  She is a veterinarian in the UK and was taking a more in depth cardiac study here.

We so enjoyed her time with us and she became good friends of both dogs.

Peripatetic Caroline has been all over the world, it seems, since she left us.  I've been following her photos on Instagram and enjoyed hearing first hand of her experiences in Tanzania.

A few weeks ago, she wrote to say she was coming back for another week at UCD and to ask if she could stay with us again.  I knew we were facing Walt's surgery the same week, and there is my whatever-it-is, so we would not be able to do anything with her, but I also knew that she was a delightful, independent, undemanding guest who was already familiar with things here and told her about what she would encounter (including a non-usable shower, since "her" bathroom leaks), but she was not fazed.  I also told her we would not be able to go to SF to pick her up at the airport, but her fiance Tim is flying in in a week and the two of them are going to tour California before returning to the UK, so she rented a car when she arrived

It's so nice to see her again, jet lag and all.  Even Polly seems to remember her.  She barks, but like she barks at Ned and as soon as Caroline sits down she presents her self for petting.

She now has friends in Davis from when she was here before, so she went out the first night after dinner to get together with some friends, then collapsed into bed for a long recovery sleep.

In the morning we Skyped with her parents, and it was nice to chat with them again too.

In the afternoon she ran some errands, bought some groceries, and checked out where she could park her car at the university.

Then she spent some time reading scientific material she needed to catch up on before classes started this morning.

She went off in the afternoon to meet friends for drinks and then for dinner and home later than anticipated.  She texted me to ask if I would open the door -- I didn't realize she was standing outside the door (Walt had inadvertently locked it). 

The day ended well and now she is back at the University for her first day.  Her time here will be short, but it's so nice to have her here again, even briefly.

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