Thursday, September 20, 2018

Out talented kid

All our kids are talented, of course, all in various ways (Ned is currently showing amazing talent in "taking care of mom and dad").  But occasionally one shines briefly, and yesterday it was Jeri's turn.
Every year for at least the past five years, Jeri and her friend pianist David McGrory have given a concert at Berklee.  I can't remember if in the past Jeri has only played the clarinet or not.  I know that it's a mix of music by other composers, and music that Jeri has written herself.

This year she decided to use all of her instruments -- saxophone, flute and clarinet.

She had written some of the pieces, including "Song for Lacie" (Lacie will turn 7 today and this was her birthday present), in which she played all three instruments, sometimes hanging the saxophone around her neck while she played another instrument.

For the past five years, they have had the same woman turning pages for David.  Jeri told me she's actually an accomplished flautist herself so Jeri wrote a piece that is a duet for the two of them and in its she left gaps so that the woman could turn around and turn David's page.  Very clever.

In the end they all took a happy bow for a concert well played.

The concert is streamed on the Berklee web site so if you are curious about how it all went, you should be able to see it here:

It's always so nice to have talented children ... that they are all also nice, caring people is just the frosting on the cake.

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