Monday, July 9, 2018

The Picnic Must Go On

In the ??? years since Tom and Joe have been hosting this picnic, they have gotten it down to a science.  I'm sure it's a madhouse over at Tom's.  At Joe's it's mostly loading tons of stuff in his truck and transporting to the beach.  Since I was pretty much useless, I just sat in the recliner and stayed out of the way, feeling guilty that I couldn't help more.

Walt had gone out and bought me a wonderful wind machine, which I wore in the non-air conditioned house.

I decided that I would stay home until mid-afternoon when we would pick up Tom's cake.  I knew there would be no place for me to sit at the picnic, other than the hard picnic benches.  I dare say nobody missed me and I was happier sitting at home.

Walt came to get me around 3 and we picked up the cake to deliver to the picnic.  When we arrived, the BBQ was in full swing

And Tom was in his element.

There was a lot of conversation about the fire and how people had been affected, or how friends had been affected.  Eventually, the ~60 guests began lining up for food.

I could not get comfortable without a chair back to lean against so I decided to go and sit in the car.  Thankfully, the weather was pleasant, so I just sat there, very comfortably, alternately watching the action at the picnic, or reading my book.  I stayed there until time for Tom to cut his cake.

We said goodbye to everyone as we all left the picnic, since there would be no time to see the girls in the morning, as they were going off to their summer camps.  But I enjoyed the brief time I had with them, even as a voyeur.

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