Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hour Baur

I have talked before about Hour Baur.  Walt's mother's maiden name was Baur and we have joked forever that the Baurs can't ever say goodbye in less than half an hour.  I remember a time when we had dinner in a restaurant with Walt's mother, his sister, and his brother and Norm's wife.  When we finished dinner they stood at the table saying goodbye until I finally told them they were blocking traffic, whereupon they moved to the front door inside the restaurant and continued the goodbyes, I finally got them moved outside and, getting tired of the game, I went to the car to wait for Walt...and then discovered that his brother was parked nearly next to us so they Hour Baur'ed on the way to the cars and then continued until they finally got into the cars.

Hour Baurs are the bane of in-laws' existence!

But yesterday morning there was no time to Hour Baur.  We had not been able to see our friends Dick and Gerry this trip, especially since they were evacuated too (nice Motel 6 upped their rates to >$200 for the fire!).  But they decided we could meet for breakfast, and we did at a place called the Cajun Kitchen, which was wonderful.  I had eggs benedict.

I was torn between that and biscuits and gravy, which I have only had once (when I was visiting Peach in Iowa) and loved.  I thought this might be the perfect place for that, but I couldn't resist the lure of the benedict.

Dick and Gerry shared some sort of omelette with lots of goodies on top.  It came with cornbread and when I saw how good the cornbread looked, I decided I had made the wrong decision.  I should have gone with the biscuits and gravy.

We left directly from the restaurant to head home and were abut 2-1/2 hours up the road when we got a call from Alice Nan, who said Walt had left a "blue bag" behind.

This is the bag that has everything he needs from his pills to his billing information.  There was no way around it.  We had to go back.  Alice Nan offered to meet us in Solvang...still not sure why, except that at the time Norm and Olivia, who were also on the road, had texted that they were just leavig Solvang.  It took an hour off of our turn-around time, but it was still a long schlep to get down to Solvang and get the bag.

When Alice Nan pulled up with bag in hand I said "Boy, you guys will do ANYTHING for an Hour Baur, won't you!!"

 Walt bought Cheetos that we snacked on for "dinner"

We got home around 9, I guess, and Polly was very happy to see us, having had an adventure of her own, at Ashley's house.

I couldn't believe this photo....I thought Polly hated kids

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