Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday Stealing

If you could, where would you max out a credit card?
My automatic response would be "a book store," but I have so many books now, I really can't "fit" any more.  Amazon is a good answer, since you can get just about anything there, from paper clips to major appliances, but for a "real" store, I guess it would be Michael's, because I always spend too much, always wish I could spend more and have this fantasy that with enough stuff from Michael's, I could make this office neat again.

Why do you like the music you listen to?
I don't listen to a lot of music any more, but when I do it's either show music or some classical music that will calm the cacophony created in my brain by the ever worsening situation in this country.  

What are your favorite colors?
Red and yellow.  Primary colors.

Do you collect anything?
Not any more.  I have, at certain periods of my life collected stamps, Judy Garland memorabilia, souvenir spoons and magnets.  I suppose I kind of collect postcards, but only by accident of joining Swap Bot swaps.

What's your dream job?
You can't really beat being retired and working 0-3 days a week reviewing stage shows.  It doesn't pay much, but the perks are great.

Favorite cosmetics brands:
You lose me here.  I haven't used cosmetics in a very long time.

Favorite scents:
I don't wear perfume, but I love the smell of the ocean, of a real (not hot house) rose, freshly brewing coffee, baking bread, puppy breath, and the hair of a newborn baby.

Favorite flavors:
Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and then the flavors of foods like crab and clam dip.

Favorite magazines:
I'm not really a magazine person, but I do take Food Network, Pioneer Woman, and This Week (a news magazine)

Favorite piece of jewelry:
I don't wear jewelry.  I have had favorite pieces of jewelry, some given to me by the grandkids, until they broke or were lost, and an opal necklace that I don't wear any more.

Favorite Holiday:
Thanksgiving, because it's the one holiday where there are no expectations of what to give or get and the reason is just to get together with family.  I am fortunate that our family has always gotten along well, so it has almost always been a pleasant holiday (and you can't beat a holiday that ends with pumpkin pie.

Favorite season:
Autumn because the leaves are beautiful and it is followed by winter, which I enjoy.  Winter rains, sadly, are followed by the beautiful blossoms of spring but that is only a harbinger for the heat of summer, my least favorite season.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee.  Peet's French Roast, which we have been drinking since Peet first opened his first store in Berkeley.  (did you know that the Starbucks guy learned coffee roasting from Alfred Peet?)

Where would you go on vacation if you could go anywhere?
Somewhere in Africa where I could see wild animals.  Maybe Botswana, which is supposed to have the largest number of elephants left in Africa.  But I fear that my traveling days are over, because of both my mother's condition and my body, which ain't what it used to be (and it never was that hot to begin with!)

What kind of geek are you?
What defines a geek?  I love Star Trek, enjoy some sci fi books, though have not read that many.  I have a desktop, a laptop, an iPad, an iPod, a Kindle and a cell phone and use them all, but couldn't program any of them if I had to.  I am fairly good at PhotoShop, at least all I need for my needs.  I can zip through a lot of functions on our TV remote, but again only the ones that I need, so I haven't bothered to learn the rest.  I don't really think of myself as a geek.

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