Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Little "C"

My biopsy came back positive, so I will be scheduled for surgery sometime in the next 2 months.  Hopefully it won't conflict with Walt's surgery in 2 weeks!

So now my education is broadened.  Interesting that the doctor talks about this as a reaction to sun exposure, me who is almost NEVER out in the sun!

She left me a link to a video about how the operation is performed and there was another video there from a woman who had recorded her procedure, which she said is less painful than going to the dentist's office, though apparently it takes several hours, what with cutting and checking and then maybe cutting again.  I hope that given where the spot is, on the bridge of my nose, that it will be possible to bring my cell phone and earphones so I can listen to an audio book to help the time pass.

Me.  Cancer.  Whoda' thunk?  I'm not really nervous since everyone seems so blas√© about this type of cancer, but I'm sure those butterflies will start coming out their cocoons before the surgery date actually gets here.

One of the questions in Saturday 9 this week was, "What year you can point to and say, "Wow, I'm glad that's over"?  I had no answer for that one but I think that after hearing from Kaiser, I'm going to have to say THIS is the year that I will be very glad to have over!!!

Today was kind of all informally planned when I got up.  A friend I had not heard from in many years called to say she now lives in Reno, about 2-3 hours away, and said she wanted to drive over and visit, either today or tomorrow, before she gets snowed in on her side of the Sierras.  I kind of half planned for her to be here today.

I knew I had left over quiche for dinner and another friend had called to say she was going to make soup and could she bring us some.  It would be perfect.  No need to cook dinner.  We would have leftover quiche and soup.  I was very grateful.

Only the Reno friend never arrived (so I assume she will be here tomorrow, which is fine) and at 5 p.m. the other friend called to say it had been a busy day and she was just now starting the make the soup and she would bring it tomorrow instead.  I'm still grateful, but now I have to make something else for dinner after all.

I've been going through old photo albums, forgetting how many fun things are there.  I found this picture, for example:

This is a photo of Walt's mother's Irish cousin, Nora and her granddaughter Zoe, in 1990.  Nora had written on the back that the baby is wearing an Yves St. Laurent dress. Nora has been dead for several years and Zoe is now a well known ballerina in England.

Coincidentally, when I went to Google to look her up, I found this article, which talks about a production of Carmen  that she was about to perform with her boyfriend dancing with her as Don Jose to her Carmen.  It was nice to read what she's doing now that she's all grown up.

I wonder if she still wears Yves St. Laurent.....

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