Thursday, November 29, 2018


My Creatnine number last time, two weeks ago, was 495. which I was thrilled about.  But this week was even better:  253!  Normal is less than 200, so I should be within the normal range next week.  My never-loquacious doctor sent a notice:  "numbers are looking good."  Which answers none of my questions like -- do I keep having regular blood tests? 

I may have said this before, but I never realized how bad I was feeling for how long until I started to feel normal again!

Ned was here in the morning and we visited with Walt, talking about his upcoming surgery.  Then Ned took me to Kaiser for my blood test, then to Atria to visit with my mother.  She was in good spirits, making no sense, but in good spirits.  Tony came into the room where we were sitting and she didn't remember him, though "thought she had something with him."  I guess he is a thing of the past now that she has Max.

After we left, we went to the supermarket again.  Walt told Ned not to let me spend $250 again, but it wasn't necessary since I had bought all the tings we were out of the last time I went.  I have to admit that thrill of that "first time back in the store" feeling was gone, but it was nice to be able to decide on the fly what sort of things I wanted to buy.

Ned, bless him, put away all the groceries for me.  He's soon going to realize that now that my numbers are getting back to normal, I really can do all that stuff for myself.  I don't want to take advantage of his good nature for too long.

I keep looking at the walker and feeling guilty that I still use it.  But then I think of my friend Jeri, who also uses a walker "because I keep falling."  For the most part, I no longer use the walker in the house, except first thing in the morning when I need to get my legs working again.  But I take it when we go out.  I still feel uncertain when we are in crowds, and since I've fallen stepping UP, I am nervous stepping up onto a curb and there are other times when I am glad I have it (I walk better down the long Atria corridor, for example, without weaving back and forth).  So I guess I'm better with it, though I may try going with a cane again when we go to see "Waitress" in December because that theater is so difficult to maneuver with a walker.  Cane and bannister should get me there.  I hope.

We are looking for the arrival of Jeri, who flies in from Boston tomorrow night.  She has a plane change in Minneapolis, though, and the weather throughout the middle part of the country has been iffy, so I worry that she might be affected by storms, which would be terrible since she is only here until Monday.  

My mother actually remembered who Jeri is and seemed pleased that she would be here.  As it happened, Jeri called Ned while we were visiting with my mother and so he let her talk with Jeri.  She always lights up when she has Jeri on the line, though it doesn't look like it here.

In the afternoon, I pretty much finished my Christmas shopping, all on line this year due to not driving.  I got mostly books for Brianna, one more than I had intended because I forgot I had ordered it.  Now I have to early wrap gifts because Jeri will be here for "Christmas" this weekend and Tom will be here with the family the week before Christmas.  Maybe I'll cook turkey three times.  No.  Probably not.

mini rant:  Lately I have heard far too many people using 'less' where they should use 'fewer."  In fact, I don't think anybody ever uses "fewer."  "There are less Christmas trees this year"  It's sometimes frustrating to be a grammar nerd.

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