Thursday, November 22, 2018

Our Thanksgiving

Ha.  You think you are about to have your Thanksgiving dinner, but we are way ahead of you.  We had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, at Atria.  There was an invitation for families to join their loved one from the memory unit (called Life Guidance) at 1 p.m. for a free Thanksgiving dinner.
Ned got here, looking very dapper in his new glasses, which make him look like Dr Bull on Bull.

We found my mother sitting with Max, who appears to be a new boyfriend, since she was forehead to forehead with him, holding onto his arm.  Good thing she had Max because Tony was there with about 12 members of his family, including his wife.

 We gathered in the front hall, waiting for someone to unlock the door for us.  Some wore very un-PC looking Indian headdresses (apparently we missed my mother wearing hers)

Then we slowly marched down to the main dining room, where they had tables set up for us.  I told Walt we looked like an invading caravan of feeble, demented Salvadorans.

It was really very nice.  They had a big buffet set up with everything you could want for Thanksgiving dinner, including turkey and ham, as well as potatoes, stuffing, yams with pecans and cranberries, cranberry sauce and green beans.

The last time we had Thanksgiving dinner at Atria was several years ago and it wasn't nearly this nice.  Everything was delicious...and I might just try making stuffing with sausage, this one was so tasty.

Ned helped my mother go through the line.  She was a bit dazed, but managed to choose the food she wanted.

She ate everything on her plate, and was more perplexed than happy, but it was still a nice dinner, which ended with pecan pie

At each of these holidays, I always wonder if this will be her last one, so I want it to be a nice day for her.  Last year we brought her here and that was a big mistake.  Entirely too confusing for her and she didn't enjoy herself at all.  This was much better.

Walt pointed out that I had walked the entire length of the long Atria hall without needing to stop  I realized that he hasn't been to Atria with me in several weeks, since I come with Ned and that it has been about 3 or 4 weeks that I've been able to do that without stopping. When I told him that, I realized that I didn't realize how bad I felt until I started to feel better.  Something to be thankful for!

We came home in the rain and I collapsed into a tryptophan-induced sleep and took a nice nap.
We still don't know what we are doing for "real Thanksgiving."  It depends on how Walt feels.  But in the meantime I'm making a pumpkin pie...just because, so I can have leftover pie on Friday!

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