Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wrinkly Toes

Brianna was crawling around under the table with Ned's dog Bouncer while the rest of us were finishing the delicious Mexican Egg breakfast Ned had prepared.

Suddenly her head popped up, those little blonde curls bouncing. She looked at me and said "Grandma, what happened to your feet?" Confused, I asked what she meant. "Why do you have wrinkly toes?" she asked. My answer of "because I'm old" didn't seem to satisfy her. I don't think she has made the connection between age and sagging flesh yet.

(She should have been with me in the restroom of Target yesterday. Their hand dryer is one of thse high powered ones that push any loose flesh all over the place. It's like having one of those computer games where you can distort faces by sliding pieces of them up or down or sideways.)

Wrinkly toes and all it was fun spending the day with the Santa Barbara Sykeses (and the Sacramento ones too).

Brianna always has fun playing with Uncle Ned

4Up.jpg (76232  bytes)

She helped me sprinkle red and gold sugar on Daddy's birthday cupcakes (49er colors, you know!)

BriSugar.jpg (59326 bytes)

The cupcakes must have been good. Brianna dove right into hers.

BriCake.jpg  (61316 bytes)

She also loved Bouncer (though we aren't sure if Bouncer was as happy to be with her as she was to be with Bouncer!!)

BriBouncer.jpg (37672 bytes)

Ned brought out some of the hats that my father used to bring out when our kids were little and they went to visit him...they are World War I or II era military headgear.

FamilyHats.jpg (64870 bytes)

(You may not be able to tell that Bouncer is wearing a leather Amelia Earhart type aviator's hat.)

Before the party moved on over to the house of Tom's friend Lance, Bri and Ned spent some time drawing together.

NedBriPic.jpg (55810 bytes)

Tom didn't host his annual 4th of July beach BBQ this year, partly because of the impending birth of Lance's first baby...and celebrations by Laurel's family here in the Sacramento area. So we missed our annual trip to the beach, but today was a nice low key way to celebrate Tom's birthday.

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phonelady said...

Yep I can remember as a kid spending the day at the beach always on the 4th of July . Not so much when we got to be teens cause of other things and life in general .